Worst Things to Run Into


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1 A Wall

I ran full speed into a wall once and I got a big scar shaped like Idaho on my forehead so everybody called me Ho - Ajkloth

I've ran into a wall before. Trust me it felt bad. - EpicJake

Haha! Must've hurt, Ajkloth! - HezarioSeth

2 A Girl

A girl is one of the worst 'things' to run into? Are you OK? - Britgirl

3 Your Grandma
4 A Tree

If it's Grand Theft Auto. - Hecarimsulti

5 A Fire
6 Your Car Your House

Your car AND your house at once? That's hard to do, but not worth trying. But of course, you could crash your car into your house. Also not worth it. - PositronWildhawk

That would hurt. Terrible idea - EpicJake

7 A Poll
8 Your Fence
9 A Bull

I've never seen a bull in real life - EpicJake

I were red ALL the time. - moonwolf

10 A Hungry Wolf

Uh oh Got to get away from that and if your slow too bad - Jake09

They can eat you. They're hungry - EpicJake

OH MY GOSH I moved this from last place all the way to 11 by 1 vote! 8O - NintendoROCK3T

The Contenders

11 A Cop

You might go to jail for that then - EpicJake

Get outta that one, then! - PositronWildhawk

12 A Fat Person

Especially bad if you have to dig your way out - PositronWildhawk

13 A Smoker
14 An Old Person
15 A Child
16 A Baby
17 A Bully
18 A Deer
19 A Short Person
20 A Nudist
21 A Punk
22 A Celebrity
23 A Lawyer
24 A Woman
25 A Jerk
26 A Ginger
27 A Basketball Player
28 A Dwarf
29 A Midget
30 A Hobo
31 A Pregnant Girl
32 A Pregnant Woman
33 A Crocodile
34 An Alligator
35 A Bear
36 A Shark
37 A Tiger
38 A Lion
39 A Wasp
40 A Bee
41 A Goth
42 An Emo
43 A Boxer
44 A Porn Star
45 A Model
46 A Down Syndrome Person
47 A Solider
48 A Nazi
49 A Democrat
50 A Mormon
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