Top 10 Worst Things to Say As a Sidekick to a Villain

Films usually agree that when the manipulative monster tries to stop the heroes before they storm the castle, they have a sidekick assisting them in their dastardly tasks.

Unfortunately, they don't agree that the sidekick may be quite the smartarse. Do you reckon the Igor would have much of a job if he ever said these to his boss.

The Top Ten

1 So you want to create a living cell out of dead organs? Is it because you're getting tired of getting rejected by women?

Oh I'd love to say that! - Toucan

2 No, I'm not pulling the switch. Do it yourself, you lazy bastard.
3 Ha, fooled you! That's not a magical potion, that's hydrochloric acid, and you drank it all!

Funny list - Martinglez

Ha! You fool! - Martinglez

4 Look, I don't care about the scientific progress you're creating, the Bible says you're making witchcraft! BURN IN HELL!

Heresy heresy heresy! Burn him in stake! - FladevousEniker

5 Sir, do you think that the monster is compensating for something?
6 Sir, the monster has escaped and is wrecking havoc in the city! If we title the YouTube video "Monster Prank Gone Wrong", how many views will that be?

15 million views of simpleminded childrens plus click bait thumbnail, my fellow side kick... - FladevousEniker

7 Three legs of a frog added to the pot. Bloody hipsters, have you ever heard of Cajun spice?
8 It's beautiful! You were right, doctor, this toaster is magnificent! Can't say the same for the butt-ugly monstrosity you have over there.
9 I think the monster would be great if we made it take ballet classes.

As a sidekick, I don't wanna say that to the villain!

10 He's horrific! He's monstrous! Oh, doctor, I was talking about you.

The Contenders

11 Why did you have to cast spells all the time? What are you? A wicked witch?
12 You are so ugly, you don't care about it at all!
13 Sir how can you look at yourself in the mirror?
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