Top Ten Worst Things to Say to Break Up

Soft break ups bitter sweet harsh break ups crying for 6 weeks vote which one just makes you die inside

The Top Ten

1 I don't love you anymore

This is the most used - YanRocky

OUCH that's GOTTA HURT - Aisatsu

2 I met someone else

I would strangle him AND her - Aisatsu

3 You're too ugly to be seen with

I need a hospital for a broken heart - Aisatsu

Laugh out loud so mean and funny.

4 You're too embarrassing

Laugh out loud! Definitely I'm not going to say this ever. This is too dangerous to even say. - Kiteretsunu

5 I need space

We haven't gone out in like 7 weeks and we need space - Aisatsu

6 You're bad at dates

Well your bad at umm... Whatever your bad at! - Aisatsu

7 You're not cool enough

Not to be too otaku or anything, but when I saw this, I immediately thought of Soul Eater! - NerdyPweeps

Then why are we dating - Aisatsu

8 You have a bad reputation

That hurts my feelings :( - Aisatsu

9 I found a new bitch
10 You're too much of a diva

I'm not A... Wait - Aisatsu

The Contenders

11 I'm joining the army

I hate the army so much.

12 I'm in love with your mom/dad or brother/sister
13 We're donion rings

Making a joke out of a heartbreaking situation is always insult to injury. - Zeebs

Funny... (gunshot)

14 I don't date people who lost their virginity at 13

I know a girl who actually had sex at 13.

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