Top Ten Worst Things to Say In Front of Your Grandparents

Never say this. If you ever said this to your grandma and grandpa, you would be in so much trouble!

The Top Ten

1 You are F*****G people.

This is would be so horrible to say.

2 You know what I think, you are a a*****e.
3 Bu*****t

Never, never, say this.

I don't even know what word this is. Butthurt?

Ah well? I don't have to worry about any of this because my grandparents don't speak English. - keycha1n

4 Could you pass me your breasts please?

If you said this, you would be in SO much trouble.

Bread! I meant bread, Grandma! - AnonymousChick

5 Did you know that your son or daughter said the S word?

Then your grandparents would faint.

6 Your house smells like F***.
7 You are du***** people.
8 You know how I would rate you? An F-.

Then they would start crying.

9 You don't have any pepper? ***K!

You don't want to go there with your grandparents. - RainbowKittenDashAnime

I mean seriously? You don't have any pepper?

10 I lost again! Oh man, you guys are ***T!

The Contenders

11 I know you still have sex with grandpa

, Please don't say that because that's going to make me imagine it. POP! AHH! - RainbowKittenDashAnime

12 You should die soon

This is just horrible to say

13 I know you guys are gonna die soon but I'm just gonna kill you now because "why do something later when you can do it now?"

Scary but clever

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