Worst Things to Say Just Before You Die

I bet you would certainly not want to let these be your last words! Some of them could be the reason of a horrible death!

The Top Ten


This is the stupidest & most random thing to say right before you die - Ajkloth

2 Watch out! That monkey's got a gun!
3 Darling, that dress doesn't fit you like before

Keyson... if only you could see the expression on my face...
This is indeed a VERY bad thing to say and would probably result in the worst death imaginable. - Britgirl

And WHACK! It all ends there.
Great list, keyson. - PositronWildhawk

4 Scar! Broth-brother, help me! Aaaaah!

Scar: Long live the king! - keyson

5 John, don't move the scaffooooooooold!!!!
6 Run, you fools!

Or "Fly, you fools! " - beatles

7 Oh, I forgot to tell you, I left you all a million dollars at the...

If someone purposely said this as they were dying, you already know all the greedy people in the world would be tearing down his house! -_- - NintendoROCK3T

8 Oh no! I forgot to write my will! I was leaving everything to you!
9 I'm OK!

There's an ice pick embedded in the back of my head, but I'm still ready to rock the house! - PositronWildhawk


The Contenders

11 All I wanted was a chocolate pizza!
12 Should have said this earlier...
13 Children, you're adopted and I was never that keen on you.
14 Baby, Baby, Baby Oh!
15 Sorry, bro! But this guy told me if I gave him all your favourite videogames he would give me a ticket to watch Justin Bieber!
16 Oh, no! There's half a worm in my apple!
17 The Treasure is Buried at-
18 I regret having you as a son
19 Oh my god, there's $20 on those railroad tracks. Maybe I can get it before that train comes.
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