Top 10 Worst Things to Say to Make When Defending a Music Artist

Arguments to defend any music artist that are horrible. I don't support any of these arguments and I'm just criticizing the arguments not any particular person.

The Top Ten

1 You're horrible for hating this artist!

This is a really good list!

2 Die for hating someone that I like!

What? Just because someone hates a music artist you like doesn't mean you need to wish for them to die. - TheFourthWorld

Mostly elitists do this.Especially the metal elitists on this site.-LitSavage

3 I hate you!

Lol I said I hate Logan Paul and my “friend” screamed. LOGAN IS AMAZING AND I HATE YOU FOREVER. LOGANG FOR LIFE

proves his fans maturity...

4 You're dumb for hating a artist I like!
5 How dare you hate this artist!

Everyone has their own tastes and opinions. You shouldn't tell anyone what to like or what not to. - TheFourthWorld

I used to say this in December 2017.

6 You suck because you hate this artist!
7 Well... they're better than you!
8 You have no taste if you hate this artist!
9 I'd like to see you do better and try making your own music!
10 I love this artist so you can't criticize them!

The Contenders

11 Their music saved my life!

Hard Alternative bands like Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Dace and Evanescence are the biggest victims to this trope. And it isn't limited to Punk and Emo bands either like My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Green Day either.

Don't get me wrong, the bands I've listed, I absolutely love, respect and enjoy. And I do feel happy that they inspire fans. But saying that they "Saved your Life" is just not appropriate. These bands make music and if possible, they do it to inspire, but it doesn't excuse much. I mean, Chester Bennington inspired a lot with his emotional lyrics, and I can see why people look up to him. Benjamin Burnley and Adam Gontier also followed down the line, making music about struggles and overcoming them. That's great, but their intentions aren't "To save someone's life", not that I'm trying to make these singers out as selfish. The listeners and fans also have to make a decision to choose to live life. And lastly, this quote has become a joke trend of ...more - CrimsonShark

I wrote a song about how wrong this is.

12 I bet they make more money than you!
13 Their music defines me!
14 Everything they make is gold!
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