Top Ten Worst Things to Say to a Nirvana Fan


The Top Ten

1 I Just Wear This Nirvana Shirt Because Everyone Else Wears It

I see this kind of thing way too often - LizardKing99

2 My Favorite Song By Smells Like Teen Spirit Is "Nirvana"

Cringe is real - christangrant

3 Who Is Kurt Cobain

Actually, this would give me a flash of hope. I'd look into that person's eyes, shine a warm smile with the sun shining it's rays onto my back, reach out a hand to them and say, "Come little one, we have a lot to learn..." Then I'd teach them about a great, magical hero who life was cut short within twenty-seven years, but saved many folk just with the power of music and emotion. Yes, my friend, I'd teach them about the great warrior, Kurt Cobain. - MontyPython

4 Only A True Nirvana Fan Would Know Smells Like Teen Spirit
5 Nirvana Are Like The Wanna Be Version Five Seconds Of Summer
6 Nirvana Is Lame Try One Direction

I don't Nirvana that much anymore but they are 1000x better than 1D - christangrant

7 Nirvana Is Emo

This is so overused not just for Nirvana but for other bands - christangrant

8 My Favorite Nirvana Song Is Everlong
9 Nirvana Sounds Like A Boy Band
10 Justin Bieber Is Just Like Kurt Cobain

*Vomits* - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Nirvana Is a Rip-Off of One Direction

So... I say... They have a major difference in genres of music and style? - SwagFlicks

I don't get this one. One Direction is a boy band and Nirvana is a rock band. A boy band can't fully rip off a rock band.

12 The Drummer Looks a Lot Like the Singer of the Foo Fighters

That's because HE IS - christangrant

13 Nirvana Is Old and Dated
14 Grunge is Dead

Music as a whole is pretty dead nowadays... - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

15 Nirvana Sucks

Well compared to the other grunge bands yes - christangrant

16 Justin Bieber has a Twitter Account and Kurt Cobain Doesn't

Oh god - christangrant

17 Nirvana Killed Rock and Roll

No Fall Out Boy Did that with Their ironically titled album "Save Rock N Roll" - christangrant

18 Nirvana Has No Swag

No one has swag - christangrant

19 Nirvana Is Goth

Nothing wrong with goths.

What? - christangrant

20 Kurt Cobain deserved to die
21 Nirvana is the Worst Grunge Band
22 Smells Like Teen Spirit Is the Worst Song of All Time
23 Nevermind is the Worst Album of All Time
24 And you too.
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1. I Just Wear This Nirvana Shirt Because Everyone Else Wears It
2. My Favorite Song By Smells Like Teen Spirit Is "Nirvana"
3. Who Is Kurt Cobain


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