Top Ten Worst Things to Say to a Nirvana Fan


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1 I Just Wear This Nirvana Shirt Because Everyone Else Wears It

I see this kind of thing way too often - LizardKing99

2 My Favorite Song By Smells Like Teen Spirit Is "Nirvana"

Cringe is real - christangrant

3 Who Is Kurt Cobain

Actually, this would give me a flash of hope. I'd look into that person's eyes, shine a warm smile with the sun shining it's rays onto my back, reach out a hand to them and say, "Come little one, we have a lot to learn..." Then I'd teach them about a great, magical hero who life was cut short within twenty-seven years, but saved many folk just with the power of music and emotion. Yes, my friend, I'd teach them about the great warrior, Kurt Cobain. - MontyPython

4 Only A True Nirvana Fan Would Know Smells Like Teen Spirit
5 Nirvana Are Like The Wanna Be Version Five Seconds Of Summer
6 Nirvana Is Lame Try One Direction

I don't Nirvana that much anymore but they are 1000x better than 1D - christangrant

7 Nirvana Is Emo

This is so overused not just for Nirvana but for other bands - christangrant

8 My Favorite Nirvana Song Is Everlong
9 Nirvana Sounds Like A Boy Band
10 Justin Bieber Is Just Like Kurt Cobain

*Vomits* - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Nirvana Is a Rip-Off of One Direction

So... I say... They have a major difference in genres of music and style? - SwagFlicks

I don't get this one. One Direction is a boy band and Nirvana is a rock band. A boy band can't fully rip off a rock band. - Aragorn98

12 Nirvana Is Old and Dated
13 Grunge is Dead

Music as a whole is pretty dead nowadays... - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

14 Nirvana Sucks

Well compared to the other grunge bands yes - christangrant

15 Justin Bieber has a Twitter Account and Kurt Cobain Doesn't

Oh god - christangrant

16 Nirvana Killed Rock and Roll

No Fall Out Boy Did that with Their ironically titled album "Save Rock N Roll" - christangrant

17 Nirvana Has No Swag

No one has swag - christangrant

18 Nirvana Is Goth

Nothing wrong with goths.

What? - christangrant

19 The Drummer Looks a Lot Like the Singer of the Foo Fighters

That's because HE IS - christangrant

20 Kurt Cobain deserved to die
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