Worst Things to Say Out Loud When Somebody Farts In Public

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1 Who cut the cheese?


2 Oh God, I can taste it

I thought this in my mind many many times - Peebz2010

Me: OH GOD... I CAN ' TASTE IT. - aarond09

3 Smells like rotten eggs
4 Somebody farted! Gross!
5 I just heard cheese
6 Fart alert! Fart alert!

Well, I've said this once at high school when my friend did this.

7 Gross!!!
8 Is it farting time?

I think it is

9 Something smells!
10 I now have the urge to fart in public too

I now have the urge to fart AND poop in public.

The Contenders
11 Gas Chamber
12 (Guy Who Farted) Farted!
13 Do you smell Egg Salad?
14 Droppin A**!
15 Incoming!
16 I’m so horny!
17 Buttface McFartsalot
18 Hey! I hate the scent of rotten flesh
19 You pick the meat out of that, and I'll crack you another
20 FlutterBust!
21 4D Effect
22 Fire in the Hole!
23 It smells like chicken nuggets
24 The weakest cannon ever. NOT
25 I farted!
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