Top Ten Worst Things to Say to a Real Music Fan

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1 Freddie Mercury sounds like Justin Bieber

I almost feel not only out of my chair with this option but just about fell out of my sanity too!

Freddie is in my opinion the greatest pure Vocalist EVER While The Tool Bag from The country I live in he SUCKS & he's a wannabe he wishes he was 1% as talented as Freddie Mercury!

That's impossible because Justin Bieber sounds much better! At least Bieber isn't some strange-acting man with a moustache. And the other guys in Queen need haircuts!

Not good or bad, but one must note that one of them is gay and it's not Bieber.

Freddie Mercury is the real MAN, dustbin beaver is dumbass.

2 Rock Music Sucks

No matter what anyone says rock music (especially alternative rock) Will never die.

If someone says This to me,I Will punch them in the face

Rock should never die (especially classic rock) - kaitlynrad11

Gonna kill someone now, - AnonymousChick

3 Music is bad

Simple and hurtful.

4 The Beatles Are Old and Outdated

They are old and outdated but that doesn't mean that their music is bad. Outdated stuff can be more exiting to listen to than newer stuff. There is no age for good music as a matter of fact. Music is music ( old and new ) and there is no such thing as new or old music. There's only new and old songs, new and old artists.

Beatles will never get old - nothingbutcool

I think they still hold up to today.

The Beatles aren't "old" and they're not "for old people". There're radio stations I know, that still plays The Beatles on their station. - kaitlynrad11

5 Is Queen male or female?

Why does it matter?

A band full of males. I think. - AnonymousChick

6 American Idol Is the Best Thing to Happen to Music, Along With the Myriad of Talent Shows Emerging

Because sounding like Josh Groban or Michael Bolton or some pop tart is more important in music, right? Instead of creating the music...

7 New Eminem Is Better Than Old Eminem

Depends on the song. I really enjoy songs like Rap God, Evil Twin, Cold Wind Blows, Not Afraid, Almost Famous, So Bad, Bad Guy, Berzerk, Headlights, etc. These are all fairly new. Does Relapse count as new? Because if If does I like pretty much every song on that album including Refill.

Nah. You can't go wrong with the classic, young, drugged up Eminem. His new stuff is good but it's too mainstream. I really enjoyed the album Relapse though.

False false old Eminem forever

He sucks and Not Afraid is his only good song. That was made this decade. - 445956

8 Nu Metal SUCKS!!!

Limp Bizkit is Nu Metal. And they suck. - 445956

9 Real music has lyrics
10 Michael Jackson + Mick Jagger = JB

Tell ME that, and I'll give you a bloody nose.

Well Mick Jagger is a good frontman but not a good singer. - 445956

No! Never! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! - SamuiNeko

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11 Rock and Roll Is the Devil's Music

That phrase was actually used as racism, because rock and roll was founded by black people when segregation was still a thing. That is why people call Elvis (the thief) "The King" instead of Chuck Berry. Now adults at my school are saying that without realizing how racist it is.

Which is 100% false. Most of the Devil's Music come from Black Metal.

I hope you realize not even Black Metal musicians are real Satanists. It's just their imagery.

12 Pink Floyd + Guns N' Roses = One Direction

Has anybody actually said this? If anybody did say this, then that person is clearly mentally ill.

If someone actually said this, I would be so tempted to punch them directly in the face.

Wow One D will never be as good as Pink Floyld or Guns N'Roses

13 I Like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, And Queen, But I Think Justin Bieber Might Be A Little Bit Better

Screw people who say this - kaitlynrad11

Instead of JB I keep hearing one direction is a bit better. Honestly if they actually listened to these they wouldn't dare think that.

14 Lil Pump is a great artist who has amazing songs like Gucci Gang

Help me

15 Say something Hateful toward your Fave Band or Singer but they can't back it up

So they say JB is better than Metallica. - MrQuaz680

16 Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, X Ambassadors, and Maroon 5 are the most brutal death metal bands I have ever heard

I agree. They’re extremely brutal.

17 Heavy Metal is Satanic

Awe man youse probably get punched in the face and spanked on the buttocks

Only like 8% of metal songs are satanic

Black Metal is a type of Heavy Metal, so that is kind of truem

Only Black Metal and some Death Metal are.-LitSavage

18 The 70s were sick

The 70s were the best time for music. We had great artists like black sabbath, queen, led zeppelin, Pink Floyd, lynyrd skynyrd, and ac dc.

Yes it had some great music, but don't forget it gave us "Afternoon Delight."

The 70s were also the time where heavy metal was starting to evolve.

If by "sick," you mean "cool," then it's not the worst thing to say at all.

19 Auto-tune Is Music

Auto tune can be music. Only when it serves as a purpose.

At least make a good result out of it.

Amen, no its not.

Selena always use it right?

20 The World would be better without Music

The world would be better off without music if metal gets banned and the only music available are songs like "Friday", "Baby", "Anaconda" and songs like that.

The world would be boring without music.

21 Rap Sucks!!!
22 The Dark Side Of The Moon is Linkin Park's album, right?

If someone said that to me I would let that person borrow my tablet just to look at Pink Floyd's Wikipedia page. - 445956

Not bad, but never say The Dark Side Of The Moon is Blood On The Dance Floor album. - malamJONES

I like linkin park.

23 Freddie Mercury is a talentless homosexual
24 Lil Wayne has a better voice than James LaBrie

James labrie is the lead singer of dream theater for goodness' sakes!

25 Justin Bieber and One Direction Are Better Than the Beatles

I'm sorry, you need to go listen to The Beatles, because u probably never heard one of their songs - kaitlynrad11

That wouldn't be a no, that would be a OH, HELL NO! I can use the word hell because hell's a village located in Norway. It is. I'm not kidding. Go look it up.

P. S I'm not trying to offend any norwegians.

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