Worst Things to Say to a Teacher

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1 Did you fart?

That is so embarassing to do and say to a teacher

I don't want to say that to my teacher

2 Can you get rid of PE?

I wish I can do that. - Jake09

I wish I could get rid of pe - dinosaur

It would be hillarious if you said can you get rid of pee - simpsondude

PE stands for POINTLESS EDUCATION - missyweirdo

3 What does the fox say?

What does the rabbit say? Hm?! - missyweirdo

4 Meep
5 1st is worst 2nd is best

Well, it could be if you're not first - funnyuser

6 I hate you

I would TOTALLY say this to my high school special ed teacher

I said this straight to my geography teacher and made her cry๐Ÿ˜…

What is up with these quotes? - MoldySock

Tell me again why this isn't in the top 3

7 Does Burger King run this school?

How is that offensive? - missyweirdo

Kid: Does Burger King run this school?
Teacher: Sure, if you wanna meet him follow me!

*Takes kid to principal's office*

8 Oops, you're fired

I was a tutor in high school and this second grader I was tutoring said this to me and I told him to be quiet or I would tell his parents and he started crying and told his parents and they took him out of the tutoring program!

The teachers better not take that seriously - missyweirdo

9 Come on, Math Sucks

I said that before and my teacher just ignored me. So, nothing really bad happens - missyweirdo

10 Can I make recess longer?

I wish I could. - funnyuser

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11 **** you!

That would be rude and bad. You would get sent to the principle. - funnyuser

You'll get suspended for that! - missyweirdo

Said that to my teacher they got the policeman ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ I then got a stern talking to!

Said that to tons of my spec Ed ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿซ

12 I love you, so much.

Haha, you didn't actually believe that did ye? - HezarioSeth

Aw that's cute <3 I don't see anything wrong w that unless u mean in a romantic way but if u mean that your so grateful for all that they've done for u I think its fine :) x

13 When are we going to use this in real life?


14 Shut up

That is so awesome

15 I'm on my period

If you're a female and you have to swim in gym class and you have it than you need to tell the teacher

You can say that during Sex Ed! - missyweirdo

No, I'd be way to embrrassed to say that to a teacher, especially if it was a guy. I'd never tell a teacher that kind of personal business. - RockFashionista

Some dumb teacher don't give us permission to go to washroom that easily, so we have to tell them, urgh!

16 Can I go home?

I wish

17 Hey, when were you born, the Jurassic period or the Stone Age?

If the teacher had a sense of humor they'll laugh, you can say that to your science teacher! - missyweirdo

18 Someone told me to go to hell so here I am!

LOL, that's a good one! - missyweirdo

19 So Boring

I said this once and I got kicked out of class :(

20 I just took a s***
21 Are you a criminal?

If they confiscate your stuff then it's basically stealing cause they didn't get your permission so yeah basically the teacher's a criminal

22 Stupid bitch says what
23 I'd rather bang Kim Kardashian than listen to you

Anybody would want to bang her no matter what - missyweirdo

24 Floss my toes
25 Do you have sex with [teacher] after school?

umm... ok

26 Shut up already no one cares

I wish I could say this to my teacher without getting expelled

27 Go to hell
28 Mom
29 Are you single?

Laugh out loud I asked my teacher this in 9th grade and she smiled and was all like "Why yes, I am." I told the principal and she almost got fired for flirting with me and ever since I moved she e-mails me and asks about my school and she STILL LOVES ME.

Eww you know what the student wants - missyweirdo

30 You Smell Like Salami
31 I'm naked
32 Do you have any money?
33 Help me
34 Are you my mother?

That would be a nightmare. I am satisfied with my present mother, thank you very much.

35 I like your face
36 (While Shouting out loud) Will you marry me?!
37 Can I poop on your lap? You didn't let me go to the bathroom and I gotta go.
38 I made a wet fart and I pooped my pants, Miss.
39 Your butt stinks
40 My chips are sexier than yours
41 What are potatoes?
42 I like big butts and I cannot lie...
43 Eeew! when was the last time you brushed your teeth?
44 Go eat sh*t
45 My teacher said you should have taught us this
46 Are you pregnant?
47 I think you need jesus, honestly
48 I will hurt you
49 There was this place thatโ€™s really boring and I think I found it
50 Are Those "Melons" Real?
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