Worst Things to Say to a Teacher


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1 Did you fart?

I don't want to say that to my teacher

2 Can you get rid of PE?

I wish I can do that. - Jake09

I wish I could get rid of pe - dinosaur

It would be hillarious if you said can you get rid of pee - simpsondude

PE stands for POINTLESS EDUCATION - missyweirdo

3 What does the fox say?

What does the rabbit say? Hm?! - missyweirdo

4 Meep
5 1st is worst 2nd is best

Well, it could be if you're not first - funnyuser

6 I hate you

What is up with these quotes? - MoldySock

Tell me again why this isn't in the top 3

7 Does Burger King run this school?

How is that offensive? - missyweirdo

Kid: Does Burger King run this school?
Teacher: Sure, if you wanna meet him follow me!

*Takes kid to principal's office*

8 Oops, you're fired

I was a tutor in high school and this second grader I was tutoring said this to me and I told him to be quiet or I would tell his parents and he started crying and told his parents and they took him out of the tutoring program!

The teachers better not take that seriously - missyweirdo

9 Come on, Math Sucks

I said that before and my teacher just ignored me. So, nothing really bad happens - missyweirdo

10 I love you, so much.

Haha, you didn't actually believe that did ye? - HezarioSeth

Aw that's cute <3 I don't see anything wrong w that unless u mean in a romantic way but if u mean that your so grateful for all that they've done for u I think its fine :) x

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11 Can I make recess longer?
12 Can I go home?

I wish

13 **** you!

That would be rude and bad. You would get sent to the principle. - funnyuser

You'll get suspended for that! - missyweirdo

14 When are we going to use this in real life?
15 Shut up
16 Hey, when were you born, the Jurassic period or the Stone Age?

If the teacher had a sense of humor they'll laugh, you can say that to your science teacher! - missyweirdo

17 Someone told me to go to hell so here I am!

LOL, that's a good one! - missyweirdo

18 I'd rather bang Kim Kardashian than listen to you

Anybody would want to bang her no matter what - missyweirdo

19 I'm on my period

You can say that during Sex Ed! - missyweirdo

No, I'd be way to embrrassed to say that to a teacher, especially if it was a guy. I'd never tell a teacher that kind of personal business. - RockFashionista

Some dumb teacher don't give us permission to go to washroom that easily, so we have to tell them, urgh!

20 Mom
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