Ten Worst Things to Say to Her on a Date


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1 Excuse me, my girlfriend is calling

its bad enough if your a boy.... but wat if your a girl? - LightningFast4

what the hell one he's an idiot for saying that to her and two why the hell would you cheat! - JonasStartsARiot

only a twit would say this. oh wait I have DAMN! - ali54

Don't worry,it's just your future self - Nateawesomeness

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2 Let's have sex!

Welllll... if you wanna make a lasting impression. But what kind of impression do you want (obviously the dude who says this wants an impression on the bed but... ). - fireinside96

I'm a girl so I know that this would just turn my whole body in the other direction. From the waist down, my shields are up and you are not getting anywhere near them.

Say this to her dad and watch what happens.

No just no n ononono - Frisk

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3 Did you fart?

Yeah, this one was probably the absolute worst thing you could say to a girl on a date... I could understand if, however, a dude said it because he was just too damn nervous, but it would swiftly and effectively kill the mood.

ahhhhhh no thanks no comment for me I'm not going to tell them about the time that I farted when I tripped

Guys at school ask this after they themselves have dropped one, it is a horrible thing to say to a lady - Bec

DO NOT say that to a girl on a date! Trust me, bad move.

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4 How about we meet next at my wife's funeral? She's still alive.

This is horrible. If some girl I was dating said this to me I would dump my entire plate of food over her and storm out of the restaurant leaving her to pay the bill.

Like this option, this is the funniest one. - Fan_of_Good_Music

I love it 😂

5 Do you like porn?

If you do happen to say this and don'y know her at all prepare for a tatoo of her hand print across your face. - JXJ

Metts would be in for a REAL cold and hard rejection if he said this to his date. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 Maybe try to lose that weight...

This is what would happen if you said that to someone you were dating.
1) the date looks up at you confused and tries to get you to repeat yourself as if they did not hear you correctly.
2) the date grows angry and accuses you of thinking that they were obese as you try in vain to defend yourself.
3) the date explains to you that she runs 3 miles a day and was on American ninja warrior once while you try to take it back.
4) you get mad at the date for making a scene as the entire establishment is watching while the date grows more angry.
5) you and your date begin cursing at each other as more personal things are brought up.
6) eventually the topic gets to the point where your date ticks you off so much that you call them something horrible.
7) your date breaks up with you and you fallow them out the door trying to convince you otherwise. After fallowing them up to they're car, they finally lose it.
8) you wake up in the hospital a day later unable to recall ...more

not nice, not nice at all! especially the first date - Jeheffiner

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7 I'll show you my wife and kids tommorrow

What who would say that.

8 Can I touch your boobs?

Laugh out loud! Only an perverted idiot would say this

Ugh... Why would you say that? - RockFashionista

9 Hey, I know where you can get a cheap abortion

If you say that to someone, your head will be found impaled on a weather vane, thousands of miles from the rest of your body.

I couldn't have put that comment better myself. - PositronWildhawk

10 He-e-e-e-e-e-e-ey, sexy lady! Op- op- op- oppan Gangnam Style!

Hey! It's not that bad. I'm a girl and I find this totally funny. I would just laugh and change the subject. I would never turn down a guy just because he said something inappropriate in the first date.

If a guy said that to me, I will laugh and walk away.

I think this one's a bit weird. What's she going to think? - PositronWildhawk

I'm facepalming right now because this is on the list...

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11 After dinner to you want to go my wife's house
12 I am only on a date with you to get in bed with your friend
13 Get breast implants
14 Look at that stripper
15 I wanna lick you

Sugou from Sword Art Online will never get a date in his life. EVER. Especially if he said this to a girl. Blech. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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16 You pay for the dinner

I went to a movie with my boyfriend and he was getting snacks but I didn't want any and he didn't have enough money cause his friends used it all so he asked me for some, and I didn't know what to do so I handed him a $10 and he never paid me back... at the beginning of this I meant to say EX BOYFRIEND

Yeah that will get her to go out with you again. - anonymous

17 Nice boobs

Only a perverted idiot would say that

I would laugh if some guy say that to me

18 Oops, forgot my pants
19 Sorry I'm late, my wife has been having an affair on me.

Girlfriend: with who?!...
Boyfriend:no... You see... I met I went to the fair...
Girlfriend: nice try! I'm gone! You won't see me again, and if you do, I'll make sure you are the last thing I see!
Random guy: sevens you right, you idiot.

That is the ABSOLUTE WORST THING to say to a girl. She would be screaming at you like this "ARARARAR"

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20 Put on some make-up

If she sees you with make up, wearing an Afro wig, high heels while wearing a corset then you're just a sweet transvestite

just natural beauty is fine and if you wanna sex and its fine also - ronluna

That's horrible

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1. How about we meet next at my wife's funeral? She's still alive.
2. I'll show you my wife and kids tommorrow
3. He-e-e-e-e-e-e-ey, sexy lady! Op- op- op- oppan Gangnam Style!
1. Let's have sex!
2. Do you like porn?
3. Nice boobs
1. Can I touch your boobs?
2. Maybe try to lose that weight...
3. Do you like porn?

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