Top Ten Worst Things to Say While Flirting With a Woman


The Top Ten

1 I have AIDS in my mouth
2 I had a threesome with your parents

Sounds disgusting. Do people say that? - Magnolia

3 I'm related to CaptainEevee

Me and his brother made this list and Max put this to annoy him. Now stop being a smartass - bobbythebrony

Uh, what exactly is the point of putting someones name on a choice?

4 Are you a man?

Are YOU, a man? - mikeyjay

5 I'm a cannibal and we're eating your sister

I love this list! It's so funny! - Turkeyasylum

6 You're fatter than I thought you were

That is very rude. a woman will try her best to slap the taste out of you. - mikeyjay

7 Are you the person I violated in the alley?
8 Seeing your face now I'm officially gay

Don't worry, that's just one ugly girl. You don't have to be gay if you don't want to. - mikeyjay

9 I lost my virginity to a cow

Ha! That must have been the same cow my ex cheated on me with. Get yourself examined. PDQ! - Britgirl

10 I had sex with your dad

This is totally random. What does this mean? - Turkeyasylum

What was the point of this? - mikeyjay

The Contenders

11 Maybe try a side salad instead

NEVER say this to a woman on a date! - Turkeyasylum

12 Well my ex blah blah blah...

THIS, is actually something in the realm of possibility. Not only that, but true. No girl wants to hear you talk about your ex. - higgsboson2142

13 Your sister let me do that
14 How old are you?
15 How much do you weigh?
16 Do you enjoy oral sex ?
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