Worst Things To Say To Your Parents


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1 I'm pregnant

Haha so true! Such a SHOCK for some parents. - Alexandr

It depends, if your a girl who's married that it would probably be ok but if you're a guy than it definitely wouldn't be ok
And if you are a girl who's too young to be prevent than they would obviously be mad - Ajkloth

2 I lost all respect for you
3 I killed someone

Your parents would probably ground you for the rest of your life!

You will get in huge troble - Jake09

4 I'm running away
5 I smoke
6 My boy/girlfriend is a drug dealer
7 I want you dead

This is just a despicable, evil thing to say. This surely be in the top two with, "I have cancer." - Britgirl

8 I going to watch the TV show big brother

That would be inapporpate - BigBrotherSucks

9 I Hate You
10 I wish you would get a divorce

The Contenders

11 Shut up
12 Screw you
13 Eat my Oakland Raiders hat
14 Get a room
15 Make me pancakes, NOW!
16 I have adopted prostitutes
17 I will not clean my room
18 I have cancer
19 I'm killing myself

please do

They would be so sad!

20 I just took a s***
21 I'm a bully around the world!
22 Your car sucks!
23 Give me toys or I will hit you

That is what a bratty 3 year old would say.

24 I would rather watch Dora the Explorer than live with you
25 I wanna get high
26 Let me take a selfie
27 Can you quack like a duck when you suck?
28 I'm gonna rob the bank
30 I would like to run away from you!
31 I wanna trade 23 of my skin cells for a pet raccoon
32 Gimme all of your money
33 I hope you get eaten by 837 horny fish
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1. I'm pregnant
2. I lost all respect for you
3. I killed someone
1. Shut up
2. Screw you
3. Get a room
1. I going to watch the TV show big brother
2. I'm pregnant
3. I lost all respect for you

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