Worst Things In School Bathrooms


The Top Ten

1 Seeing people doing drugs

Walking into the bathroom and seeing a guy injected heroin so he doesn't have to work. - mr_crossover27

2 Bitchy girls
3 The people who don't wash their hands

Dud wash ya hands mate!

4 Number 1 and 2 all over the walls

This would be gross. - 906389

I'm going to be sick.

Gross. - Lunala

5 People who don't close the stalls

Most of my school's restroom stalls don't have locks.O. O

People can se you in there so embarrassing

6 No paper towels
7 Having to be in a line to go in there
8 People hearing you doing your business

I try and be silent as possible in public toilets because I cringe at the awkward sounds of someone peeing, then a bunch of fart sounds and then plopping sounds. - Lunala

9 People who don't flush

People who don't flush is why I avoid public toilets because the poop smells and the pee... - DrMayonnaise

Happens a lot in the public toilets in my area its really gross. - Lunala

10 Standing next to someone at a urinal

Glad I'm a girl.. I can imagine the horror and awkwarness if you knew what someone's body parts looked like: you couldn't see them the same ever again. - Lunala

The Contenders

11 A bloody tampon clogging the toilet

In 5th grade there was a used tampon floating in the toilet. Nobody used that toilet it was gross - Lunala

12 Out of toilet paper
13 No soap
14 Ugly tiles

The tiles are so ugly and they all look the same - Harri666

15 Poop in the toilet

I can't believe that people forget to drain there poop.

16 Bullies
17 No privacy

At school I only pee in a uranal or hold it until home but never I will poop in the toilets because there is pee or poop in there or on the toilet seat and on the floor and when your in the stall people could literally do anything they want and mess with you which is why I never use the stalls. - DrMayonnaise

18 Kids smoking

This is why teachers lock bathrooms

19 Used pads

I found an UNWRAPPED USED PAD on the floor

20 Graffiti on the walls
21 Teachers
22 Thin toilet paper
23 Girls Taking Selfies
24 People smoking
25 Bullies next door to you talking

Sup brah/dude

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