Worst Things Serena Has Done in the Pokémon XY Anime

You guys know that I don't like her, so I had to make a list of the worst things that Serena from the Pokémon XY anime has done.

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1 Serena existed only for Ash Ketchum

If they wanted Ash to have a love interest, they could have least used an already existing character like Misty or Dawn, instead of creating a new useless one.

Thanks a lot, writers. You had to create a character who could only be infatuated with Ash.

She was more of a self insert mary sue in a poorlt writen fanfiction then a real chatacter

It's weird how this happened in the first place. The writers weren't running out of ideas of what to do with one of their character leads, clearly demonstrated with new protagonists such as Lillie, Kiawe, Lana, and Mallow. Even the two other companions of the same season(s) that Serena was in were written in ways they stand out/were unique. (Clemont barely had personality in the games and they made him a great character in the anime). They either got lazy or never cared about Serena in the first place. The infatuation for Ash was only there to increase ratings since XY came after Best Wishes (Which made a lot of people lose faith in the anime). I'll never understand why shipping is such a serious thing for the Pokemon anime, but it did work with the ratings... which unfortunately made it harder to get people to like SM.

2 Created a Horrible Fanbase

Her fans and amourshippers are worst then flesh eating zombies

Her fandom had consumed most of the Pokemon anime fandom with their bs shipping.

They harass people who don't share the same bad opinion with them and attack the Japanese writers when things don't go the way they wanted to. They also dismiss the other pokegirls because they believe Serena is superior because she's infatuated with Ash, even though Serena and Ash have no chemistry. Pokemon XY is the most boring, predactible, backwards and worst series to date. Not only did it introduce us to rivals who acted more like a fanclub and bland travelling companions, but the series also brought out the worst in Ash. He's cocky, throws a tantrum when things doesn't go his way and plays the hero more than he's done before. I don't understand how people love XY. It was a garbage compilation

Only in the Pokemon fandom you can create a god awful fanbase by giving a character a crush on another character.

3 She kissed Ash

Is Serena born with crazy thoughts

and this one of the minor ones

I thought that Misty was the worst pokegirl before I saw Serena

This is the worst moment that Serena has done. It's an unforgivable moment.

I used to hate Haruka(May) before I saw serena

4 She dresses inappropriately for her age

People keep pointing out Misty doing the same thing, but Misty herself didn't enjoy it from what I remember.

Serena is 10 years old, she dressed too inappropriately for her age. The Amourshipping fanbase are completely perverted when it came to Serena wearing such inappropriate outfit. Terrible, just terrible.

Everyone complains about Dawn, but Serena did it worse.

Seriously you're the one defending Serena and then call me a fanboy? Your hypocrisy is pathetic. Also, I'm a girl you imbecile.

What is this? Furry-bait?

5 Had no character development

Cutting your hair because you changed your looks doesn't change anything at all. What Serena did to cut her hair made no sense whatsoever. That's not character development.

Notice how people who claim she had great character development can never ever back it up? They clearly know she bland and try to cover it up half ass

I agree pokemon ranger boy says that she has so much charecter development - SushigirlO6

6 Ignored Clemont and Bonnie


She was mainly focusing on Ash, and the fact that she did everything for Ash to notice her and to like her makes Serena an infamous character, not including her game counterpart.

Inexcusable! Brat only cares about Ash. And she especially ignored Clemont, the nicest most sincere one of the group.

Clemont: Ash, wanna try this new gadget? Ash: Sure, why not? Clemont: Serena, what about you? Serena: ( just keeps on walking).

7 Wore the Fennekin outfit

I already have that on number 5, but that's okay. It does say something that she has done that is STUPID.

Why though

8 She had a crush on Ash

She has developed a crush on Ash too early and it just didn't work. I don't even want that to happen if she actually had a goal or not.

9 She had no life goals

She has no set goal. She started her journey because of Ash, then does Showcases, loses to Aria, and suddenly she's doing Contests in Hoenn? I mean even the past female companions stuck to their goal. It may seem like they want Serena to have different paths in order to make her diverse and more realistic (since not everyone sticks to one thing. Sometimes it takes people to get through multiple career paths to finally find something that suits them) but in reality, the writers don't know what the hell to do with her character. It's been like this ever since day 1. Watch her come back to the show either in SM or the next generation for a couple episodes having a DIFFERENT goal once again. It's not surprising and I'll honestly hate her more and more if that happens.

You could say that she had (only) ONE "JOB" and she failed miserably, but I would say that she had (only) ONE "GOAL" and she failed miserably, Lol.

Counting her character development, she only had ONE "GOAL", and that was Ash.

No doubt she is the weakest of all pokegirls. She has no goals.

10 She is completely rude to her mother

Serena mom: pick a hat honey!
Serena: *grabs 2 hats* which one? I can't pick.
Serena mom: I like the blue one.
Serena: *grabbing the other hat* I'll pick this red one!
*Serena drops the blue hat on the floor and struts out of the room*T
I'm not kidding she really does this!

Both Dawn and Ash is kind to their mother,
even Misty isn't that self-centured.
I hate Serena.

Amourshippers, please don't say that she is nice to her mother later in the show, because that's not true. Please check episode 1 and 2 to be corrected, thank you.

In Serena's defense her mom MADE HER get up EVERY day JUST TO PRACTICE RIDING A RHYHORN

She insulted her mother's fashion sense. It's kinda relatable for me, my friends think that I'm not wearing a good enough dress just because I didn't dress like a model.

The Contenders

11 Cared less for her Pokémon

She only treated them like a pet, and only had 3 Pokémon. It's just completely lazy.

12 Threw a snowball toward Ash

Was mad because he wasn't acting like the white knight she sees him as. That snowball scene was awful

OK Serena was MAD AT HIM that's different the Misty over hear HITTING HIM, CALLING HIM NAMES, AND YELLING AT HIM FOR NO REASON. Serena also was trying to bring out the real Ash which no other girl could tell when Ash wasn't being himself

13 She made her Pancham feel useless

I can already imagine how pancham would be like in gym battles. Very OP.
Serena: Uses only in one showcase and doesent even say its name in one episode


14 Never gave her Sylveon cool accessories

OK Serena didn't give her Sylveon accessories because it didn't want accessories. Plus Sylveon already evolved WITH accessories. My point has been made.

15 At the Pokemon ball, Serena ditches Clemont for Ash, who is dancing with Miette, and Serena gets mad at Miette for no apparent reason and starts a rivalry with Miette



16 Cut her own hair

Cutting her hair, I don’t mind. But the outfit she wore with it was non fitting. If Ash rejected her what would she do, dress even more disrespectfully like a prostitute?. Jesus

17 Had only three Pokémon

I mean, in the series, misty, Dawn, and even may had six Pokemon and then, in Sinnoh, had Glaceon! And I guess we could had let Iris go. But for Serena, no chance

18 Showed no feeling when Goodra was released

I saw the eoisode a lot. And you can tell, that Bonnie, Clemont ( He is a big boy so feeling sad is his way of crying), and Ash showed actual emotions. To me, it felt like she was actually happy that Goodra, one of Ash's only pseudo legendaries would leave and then be only seen when the league is on

19 She Harassed Ash


20 Gives Her Pokemon Tacky Outfits
21 She Never Thinks About Where the Others Want to Go
22 She Has No Care for Other Pokemon
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