Worst Things Singers Do When They Sing Live

It's been a loooong time since I've made aclist so I'll start again with a bunch of new ones.
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1 Lip sync

This doesn't belong. I'm not saying it's O.K but when a singer is lip syncing then by definition they are in fact not singing live.

Some people say: "I would prefer a lip sync concert more than a bad one" and my answer is heck no! Why would someone pay tons of cash for hear a lip syncing concert when they can take the album of that singer and listen to it for free whenever they want? I've paid for watch you singing and even if you sing bad at least you do something but lip sync? Moving the lips and faking? No thanks.

If your excuse for lip syncing is "the vocals are very layered and I want to replicated live", just sing with a backing track.

If your excuse for lip syncing is "the vocals are very editing and I can't hit the notes" then you just exposed yourself.

2 Sing without emotion

Good performance, good coreography but... something is not right, without emotions you feel like: "ok the singer is here but he is singing only for money not for entretain us". Singing with emotion is way better, without it the performance is all programmed and kinda lifeless, no feellings. And no you can sing with emotion and technique at the same time.

3 Leave the stage

Singers may get pissed and leave the stage. In my opinion is really childish and annoying.

If a singer needs to leave the stage because they or the audience is in immediate danger, then I have no problem with them leaving the stage. Otherwise, I see no valid excuse to leave the stage.

Why? Don’t your fans mean something to you?

That's because they have a mental breakdown or nervous breakdown during the stage like Jim Morrison!

4 Oversing

Some people will justify this with: "but oversinging is just showing your talent more! " No it really isn't, you can show your talent and sing the right notes, oversinging is just annoying and painful to hear.

Depends on the concert you go to. In Rock concerts oversinging or screaming is common I can tolerate screaming as long as it doesn't sound well... whiny...

Looking at you demi lovato

Demi Lovato does this.

5 Undersing

If oversinging is annoying undersinging is boring, the singer is not at his/her best at this concert and it makes you sick.

6 Scream excessively

More commonplace in rock and metal concerts. Occasionally screaming is fine, but doing it too frequently is rough on the ears. Plus, it causes damage to the singer's voice.

Isn't this the same as oversinging?

Somewhat, except screaming is more vigorous and requires more effort and range from the singer.

7 Be more focused on dancing

It's ok if you are showing your skills on something that is not singing but when the whole performance is all about dancing and playing? At this point let's do karaoke.

8 Come in late

You feel annoyed and you want to leave, you may wait for hours and nothing, they maybe it starts raining DAMN!

Justin Beiber

9 Sing off key
10 Have bad stage presence
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