Worst Things to Spoil

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The Meaning of Life

It's chocolate... Duh! Just Kidding, keep on searching people...

Life Itself

Spoiler alert- you'll die in the end

My life is good, why I spoil it

Justin Bieber's First Good Song

Like that'll ever happen!

The End of a Film

I hate these people SO much... I used to be those people!

What Gender Your Baby Is

My parents told the doctors not to tell them my gender, but when they checked over final details, they accidentally gave it away. Oops!

Like, if you want to be surprised, them revealing what gender it is is so annoying!

The Meaning of a Music Video

This includes when you don't even know what song it is!

Taylor Swift's New Boyfriend

Oh, for the love of chocolate, who cares in the slightest? - PositronWildhawk

We all know she's got one.

Flappy Bird

Some people have the craziest ideas...

Starkit's Prophecy

Haha, isn't it wrecked enough already?

Man that story was annoying! Spoiler alert: Starstar dies!

Your New Boyfriend

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