Top 10 Worst Things That Stan Smith Has Ever Done

The worst things that Stan Smith from American Dad has ever done.

The Top Ten

1 Having Francine Committed  to a Psychiatric Hospital (American Fung)
2 Making Francine Think She Killed Malinda (Four Little Words)

Despite Francine's concern Stan sets Bullock with one of her friends and things go right at first until Bullock accidentally kills her not wanting Francine to find out and tell him "I told you so" he tries to cover up her death until Francine begins asking questions even considering going to the police, Bullock even tries to have Francine killed giving Stan an ultimatum either they kill Francine or he tells her the truth so what does Stan do he he fixe it he sets it up to make Francine think that she killed her which leads to her wanting to turn herself in but is dissuaded by Stan and she leaves and moves to India, he eventually tells her everything and she is super pissed at him for making her think she killed Malinda all because he didn't want to hear her say "I told you so. - egnomac

3 Kidnapping Terry and Greg and a Lesbian Couples Children (Surro-Gate)

Francine becomes a surrogate mother so Greg and Terry can have a child against Stan's wishes after the baby is born Stan kidnaps her and drives all the way to Nebraska where gay couples have no rights along the way he is stopped by gay truckers and he crashed the car and is saved by a woman who turns out to be a lesbian and raising two kids so he kidnaps them as well as he's driving to Nebraska he sees the two kids acting like normal kids arguing like his kids and realizes their parents are okay. - egnomac

4 Purposely Ruining Brett Morris's Life So He'll Believe in God (Dope & Faith)

Stan befriends Brett Morris and the two get along well until Stan learns he's an atheist he then tries to convert him by proving the existence of god but it fails so he purposely begins ruining his life so Brett will convert including blowing up his house, spreading the bird flu in his restaurant and brainwashing his wife into thinking she's a lesbian leaving him and taking the kids and he almost commits suicide. - egnomac

5 Destroying His Families Passports So He Can Stay in Saudi Arabia (Stan of Arabia)
6 Admitted To Marrying Francine Only for Her Good Looks (Shallow Vows)
7 Imprisoning the Memari's (Homeland Insecurity)
8 Kidnapping His Mother's Boyfriends So She's Be Lonely and Always Depend on Him (Oediple Panties)
9 Pretending to Go Crazy to Get a Better Car Deal (Failure is Not a Factory-Installed Option)

After being bested by a car dealer Stan goes crazy and leaves his family on their own in poverty at one point Haley resorts to having sex for money only for Stan to reveal it was all an act to get a good car deal from the dealer who duped him again and again so he basically allowed his family to suffer so the dealer will feel bad and give him a better deal. - egnomac

10 Ditching Francine So He Can Go to the Reunion with the Homecoming Queen (It's Good to Be the Queen)

Stan is excited to attend Francine's reunion because she was voted as Homecoming Queen but its learned after digging up a time capsule containing the ballot box that Francine actually lost by one vote to her opponent Betty Sue which Francine happily surrenders the crown which infuriate Stan as he's dream of attending a school with a homecoming queen are shattered then Francine sarcastically tells him he should go with Betty Sue instead which he does after using his double Bill to distract Francine so he can go to the reunion with the Homecoming Queen Betty. - egnomac

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1. Having Francine Committed  to a Psychiatric Hospital (American Fung)
2. Making Francine Think She Killed Malinda (Four Little Words)
3. Kidnapping Terry and Greg and a Lesbian Couples Children (Surro-Gate)


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