Top Ten Worst Things to Step On


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1 A Land Mine

I think it would be that you stepped on a black guys yezzys and he was from the hood. buddy your a goner

2 Animal Poop

Yeah this would be pretty bad. - TopTenJackson

Not as bad as lava. - funnyuser

I would shoot the animal that did that. - Connor360

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3 A 2000 Volt Electric Wire Gauge
4 A Mire
5 An Open Man Hole

Laugh out loud, Gumball and Darwin kicked someone down a man hole before... :D

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6 A Lion's Foot

Sir, that was a mistake. Didn't know you were here. Please forgive me... - Kiteretsunu

7 Lava

That got to hurt... - funnyuser

8 Legos

I HATE THIS. Every time my 2 year old nephew comes over he brings his stupid Legos with him. He doesn't even play with them. All he does is dump them all over the place and then goes on about his business. And when it's time for him to go home, he always forget's them. So in the pitched black when I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I end up stepping all over them, cursing under my breath while doing so.

I once stepped on a Lego. I went between my toes. I removed it and put it in a glass box as a reminder; Pain is not an illusion. IT IS REAL AND IT'S RIGHT HERE IN THIS GLASS BOX!

That's true. You are most likely to make it across not coal than Legos. - funnyuser

Now that's bad

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9 Your Younger Brother's Toy Car

Don't ever dare do it! Or face the drama of a brother's torture. - Kiteretsunu

10 A Banana Peel

Just who the heck threw this thing! And I hate Bananas! - Kiteretsunu

Next thing you know you hit the floor. - UltimateHybridX

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11 An Upturned Electrical Plug

Barefoot? Looking for that mobile charger? Ouch, there it is

12 Fire Ant Colony Nest

Hopefully it won't turn out how it did for Indiana Jones. - PositronWildhawk

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13 A Poison Sea Urchin
14 Stone Fish
15 Vomit
16 Nail
17 Quicksand
18 Slugs
19 1,000 Needles
20 A Poison Dart Frog
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1. Animal Poop
2. A 2000 Volt Electric Wire Gauge
3. A Land Mine
1. A Land Mine
2. Animal Poop
3. A 2000 Volt Electric Wire Gauge



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