Top Ten Worst Things in the Transformers Franchise

The Top Ten Worst Things in the Transformers Franchise

1 Michael Bay's CGI Movies

Hate me but I like the bayformers

If you know, this site hates Bay. I'm no different, because he disgraced the entire TF franchise. No one even wants to see any good Transformers films or shows. TF Prime? Nope. IDW? Nada. Beast Wars? Zilch. Why? Because Bay officially represents the TF franchise to other non TF fans and it's sickening. - Ultron123

2 Transformers Energon

Its plot is unoriginal, the characters are bland and terrible, the animation is stiff and it was supposed to follow up to Armada. Armada was actually good until the evil masterminds made Energon to screw it all up. - Ultron123

Why is this no. 3

3 Transformers Kiss Players

I'm not going to scar you for life by telling you about this absolute disaster. Just don't read it. I'll tell you a little about it. This is where Transformers kiss and fuse together with little girls. It's just as bad as it sounds. - Ultron123

4 A Lot Of Useless Merchandise

Almost all of them nowadays are garbage. They serve no purpose or even fun. They are more focused on gimmicks and quantity rather than quality. - Ultron123

5 Transformers The Beast Within
6 Terrible Human Characters

Now I have to admit. Not all these humans are bad. They just feel rushed nowadays. Russell and Denny did nothing throughout the RID series. Not to mention, Brad, who is basically a 1 Dimensional being. There's also Sam Witwicky, who tripped over things and screams. Many humans are just there and serves no purpose. Also, Kicker Jones. Just Kicker Jones. He is absolutely terrible excuse for an actual character. - Ultron123

7 Transformers Combiner Wars
8 Transformers RID (2014)

There are actually two RID shows and the other one was okay. This one though was awful. Almost every character is so unlikable, unfunny, annoying and none serve a purpose. What is even more horrible is that it's a sequel to TF PRIME! You know, the greatest TF show of all time? Why would you replace TF Prime for basically the TF version of the Ben 10 Reboot? (TTG and the PPG Reboot would have been said but at least RID never sunk to that level of terrible) - Ultron123

Then why did you say it was goode in your blog about Transformers shows?

9 Recent Popularity Of Bumblebee

Now put down your pitchforks and torches and let me explain. Bumblebee is a brilliant character. I'm not saying he's terrible. But once he appeared in the god awful movies, he sprung up everywhere. They copied the CGI Bumblebee, who was, like many Bayformers, bland. Sure he had a slight personality, but he's still not as good as, say, the Prime Bumblebee, who copied the CGI Bee, but was still a great character. Also, he grew an obnoxious fanbase (notice I said "popularity of Bumblebee" and not "Bumblebee himself") They were basically FNAF fans. You say one bad thing about him or say a certain character is better, they'll pout, moan and scream. - Ultron123

10 Transformers G2

This is nowhere as bad as Energon or Combinee Wars, but still bad. If you hate rap songs, listen to the commercials. They are really bad outdated raps, and every commercial is like this. The comics aren't better. They display gore and explosions on every page and basically each character is remade and they are so hard to identify. Take Sideswipe. I didn't even know who he was, until I actually stumbled on an episode of Ruined Forever by Diamond Bolt (cool YouTuber for TF and one of my series is based off of his. Check him out) where he mentioned Sideswipe. I swear I didn't even know who he was until that moment. I felt stupid. - Ultron123

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11 Energon Ironhide

Annoying pitiful shouldn’t be a thing

12 Snowcat - Transformers Energon
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