Worst Things Trump Has Done as President

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1 Signed a massive tax giveaway for the rich

Taxes are important to society, and without them, we wouldn't have roads, houses, and more stuff we can't live without. Rich people have plenty of money to give away as tax, but Trump cut taxes for them, so there's gonna be a crisis soon. - IhateTrump5

Comments by people who have zero idea how the economy works they have been predicting recession since election day 2016

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act gives over a trillion dollars in tax cuts to the rich over 10 years. If this bill stays in place, it will eventually either put us in a deep recession/debt crisis, or the government will be forced to dramatically cut programs for the poor. Either way, countless people will suffer, and some will die. - Y2K

It adds to the deficit

2 Signed anti-environment policies

He kills the Earth like he doesn't even care about the slightest bit of the environment. - IhateTrump5

He withdrew the US from the Paris agreement, overturned the Clean Power Plan, dramatically cut funding for environmental research, green-lit damaging pipelines, and put in place tariffs on solar panels. - Y2K

3 Signed anti-immigrant and anti-refugee policies

The United States is by far one of the number one picks for immigration. Trump is trying to kill those good reputations and replace them with the worst reputations that the United States has gained now. - IhateTrump5

Now Trump is ripping thousands of kids from their parents' arms (even though they are legal asylum-seekers). - Y2K

I want him to build the wall - iliekpiez

I really don't know how people still defend this dumbass we call Trump.People who still like Trump are idiots. - DarkBoi-X

4 Proposed and signed terrible healthcare policies

This made the USA more vulnerable to falling in anarchy due to coronavirus than ever before. - IhateTrump5

The biggest policy was Trumpcare of course. If that bill got passed, over 15 million Americans would've lost their healthcare coverage, and premiums would've increased by over 20%. Thankfully it didn't pass, but other policies did. He ended certain subsidies as well as the insurance mandate, which will cause premiums to increase 20% or more for middle-class families. He also massively cut healthcare research at the CDC. - Y2K

5 Ignored gun violence

Trump claimed to reduce gun violence, but according to an anti-Trump ad by Mike Bloomberg, there were over TWO HUNDRED school shootings since Trump took office. - IhateTrump5

EVERY TIME a mass shooting happens, he does the exact same thing, says the exact same speech. - railfan99

gun violence now days is scaring kids to go to school.

6 Botched response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Didn't even care about the US territory of Puerto Rico a SINGLE ATOM, even though Puerto Rico is part of the USA. - IhateTrump5

He basically ignored the disaster, and the little that the government did was incredibly slow with not nearly enough funds. Hundreds died (and according to some studies, around 3,000 people died), and many places on the island didn't have power for months and months. - Y2K

7 Defended authoritarian rulers in Russia, North Korea, the Philippines, Egypt, and China

China claimed that the unforgettable Tiananmen Square never happened, and Trump was on their side. >:( - IhateTrump5

Trump's words embolden these leaders to continue committing unfathomable human rights atrocities.

(You can also add Brazil to the list.) - Y2K

8 Used shady tactics to appoint conservative judges

Breached through filters to get his supporters as judges, to make him unimpeachable, so he can continue weakening the USA. - IhateTrump5

After using the filibuster to block Obama's appointee to the Supreme Court, Trump supported abolishing the filibuster to get his judge in place. He also packed the appeals courts with conservatives, nominating a record 12 judges in his first year. These judges will be in place for decades, and will help keep in place horrible, dangerous, and unconstitutional laws (like the Trump travel ban). - Y2K

9 Caused thousands of civilian deaths in the Middle East

Just like Y2K says, the rules he put in increased legal casualties amongst innocent, nice people. - IhateTrump5

He put in place rules that make it easier for the military to kill innocent civilians, and predictably, civilian casualties increased by over 200% in Iraq and Syria alone, killing 6,000 innocent people in 2017. - Y2K

10 Terminated Iran deal and reimposed sanctions

Iran said it will remain in the deal, which tightly restricted its nuclear ambitions for a decade or more in return for ending the sanctions that had crippled its economy.
Mr. Trump’s move could embolden hard-line forces in Iran, raising the threat of Iranian retaliation against Israel or the United States, fueling an arms race in the Middle East and fanning sectarian conflicts from Syria to Yemen. - IhateTrump5

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11 Withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council

Nikki Haley announced the decision in a joint statement on a Tuesday. «I want to make it crystal clear that this step is not a retreat from human rights commitments,» Haley told the media. «On the contrary, we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights». Haley harked back to a speech she delivered to the council one year ago this month, in which she laid down something of an ultimatum. - IhateTrump5

12 Downplayed the coronavirus until it was too late to take care of it properly

To be exact, he reacted much earlier than most European nations, and as a result, the USA came out of it much better than almost all of them.

Was playing on Plague Inc. casual difficulty (easiest Plague Inc. difficulty) until it's far too late to do anything at all. - IhateTrump5

13 Abandoned Syrian Kurds threatened by a Turkish invasion and massacre
14 Banned transgender people from the military

banning trans is not the right thing to do because the people have fought for our country.

wtfrick is wrong with trans people? they deserve to be in the military just as much as Non-trans people.

15 Locked Mexican Immigrants in cages.

these immigrants came for a better life not to be locked up in human sized cages.

16 Called El Salvador, Haiti, and other African nations sh*thole countries

This president has no manners, respect to other places.

He needs to be more careful of what he says.

17 Fired FBI Director James Comey

As it turns out three years later, this was completely justified, and one of the best things he ahs done.

Just one of the ways that he's been acting like an authoritarian. - Y2K

18 Signed protectionist policies

First he pulled us out of the TPP, then he threatened NAFTA, then he put major tariffs on steel and aluminum, then he threatened even bigger tariffs against Mexico and China and caused disorder in economic market. "Protecting" the US economy by making it harder to trade with other countries is a strategy that's always failed. - Y2K

19 Cut money for special need kids
20 Build a wall

unessaserry wall that he built to keep Mexican immigrants from get a new life in America.

Wall that is pure evil and very bad. Nothing good about it. - IhateTrump5

21 Raised the national debt to $23 trillion
22 Said "both sides" are to blame after neo-Nazis murdered a protestor in Charlottesville
23 Created a trade war with China that required a huge bailout for farmers (over $28B that was twice what the auto bailout was, raised prices for consumers, and caused job losses - all for a weak trade agreement with China.
24 Sent Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden
25 Dislikes everyone except for people who are wealthy.
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