Top 10 Worst Things That the Undertale Fanbase is Capable Of


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1 Sans is Love, Sans is Life

" I HEART SANS" that's what I see the most in this fandom. THIS IS THE REASON WHY I'm EMBARRASSED TO EVEN LIKE UNDERTALE!


2 Papyrus' spaghetti in real life
3 A clone of Jerry
4 Temmie 1337 Speak
5 Spoiler Generator
6 Skeleton-Related Boner Jokes
7 SammyClassicUndertaleFan
8 The Genocide Run

I actually feel bad for people who do the genocide run before the pacifist run because:

1) Apparently they rather murder everyone instead of befriend everyone.

2) They lose the chance to grow an attachment to the characters.

3) They are unaware of the taint that will forever stay on their copy of undertale.

4) They won't understand how the game works or the story either.

5) They will miss out on a lot of the game's content. - GentleTrouter

The genocide run isn't that bad. 2 of the best bosses are here, I like the creepy athmosphere, and the soundtrack is nice

9 Temmie Porn

WHAT?!?! People do this?!?!?!

10 Muffet Porn

The Contenders

11 Goat Porn
12 The True Lab in Real Life
13 Comic Fandubs by 10-Year-Olds
14 Sh*tpost Generator
15 MLG Undertale
16 Bromalgamate
17 Combining Undyne and Alphys Together Into An Amalgamate
18 Hoitler
19 Attracting Trolls Who Deliberately Review The Game Negatively And Harshly Just For Attention
20 Saying That The Game Is Too Difficult And Needs To Become Even Easier
21 Flooding Tumblr With Its Bullcrap
22 Being Even More Annoying Than Zelda Fans
23 Making So Much Porn Of The Characters That There Is Now An Entire Section Of The Internet Called "Undertail"
24 Getting Its Own Encyclopedia Dramatica Article
25 Crossing The Game Over With Sonic
26 Flowey Porn
27 Robot Porn
28 Becoming The New Nazis Of The Internet
29 Let's Playing the game without actually knowing how to voice-act any of the characters
30 Living off of instant noodles and soda in real life
31 Giving autism an even worse name than it already has
32 Emotale
33 Making the game even more overrated than Final Fantasy VII and Ocarina Of Time
34 Pirating the game in order to avoid paying the proper price for it
35 Farting in church
36 Farting at someone's funeral
37 Not shipping Alphys with Undyne
38 Asriel X Frisk porn
39 Hacking into the sound files and replacing the game's entire soundtrack with Justin Bieber
40 Attempting to cook the way that Undyne does in real life
41 Starting an actual physical war over the dispute of whether Undertale or Ocarina Of Time is better
42 Hacking into the Internet and banning everyone who opposes Undertale from all of the social media sites
43 Claiming that Undertale doesn't get enough attention on the Internet
44 Rudely insulting games that were considerably more innovative than Undertale out of sheer worship for the game
45 Forcing people overbearingly to do the True Pacifist route
46 Turning Mettaton EX's entire body into legs
47 Drinking Alphys' tears through a straw
48 Not giving Papyrus the voice of Skeletor
49 Claiming that the game doesn't have enough puns and needs even more of them
50 Begging for a sequel when the game isn't even a year old yet
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