Worst Things to Waste Money On

What's Money wasting in Your Point of view? Vote for the category in which you see that money spending is a great waste

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1 Premium Porn Accounts

The worst thing is people actually are wasting their money on this scar on humanity. - CommentandList

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2 Cigarettes

You're just paying money to kill yourself and others too if they're near you while smoking

My step-mother smokes cigarettes, she literally only takes one puff to show the haters and then throws it away.

"You're paying a company to give YET MORE CANCER! " -the fault in our stars - keycha1n

3 Love

It isn't wise to spend much money on love because it always ends and you will date other people and some relationships end in hate and sadness so don't throw your money in the ground. - AbdRahmanSalah

I actually gave this girl I liked 20 dollars. I felt really, really retarded after that and I said to myself I was stupid

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4 Alcohol
5 iPhones

Yeah let's waste 600 quid on a new iPhone when it's no different from the last one. And by the way new one will come out in like a month after anyway. Whole reason I'm sticking to the 4s

Nuh uh s5 looks like bandaid iPhone 6 is gonna be a revamp iOS 8 is gonna give the full payload.

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6 Justin Bieber CDs

Don't let this parasite feed your money!

Why do you waste your money on garbage?

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7 Drugs
8 Cinema
9 Italian Food

I'm sorry, but I love Italian food. Chinese and Indian are my faves, but Italian is great! - PositronWildhawk

It doesn't deserve our tongue, try Chinese or Mexican food better. - AbdRahmanSalah

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10 Bad Music

This is bad for your ears.

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11 Nicki Minaj album
12 Prostitution

Not just wrong, it's illegal (except in Nevada) - CommentandList

13 Fake IDs
14 Premium Android Apps On Google Play Store
15 Tattoos
16 Pirated Music
17 Pets
18 Pirated Movies
19 Strip Club
20 Plastic Surgery
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1. Love
2. Premium Porn Accounts
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1. Cigarettes
2. Drugs
3. Justin Bieber CDs
1. Love
2. Alcohol
3. iPhones



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