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21 Constant Burying by Cena

WWE please stop Cena from burying talents

Reason why Barrett is leaving

22 CM Punk Is Longest WWE Champion

CM punk does not deserve to be longest champion, it should be either bryan or orton

For 434 days cm punk hasn't given anyone a push nor a win, he wants it all to himself, so no one got pushed...daniel bryan should've beat that loser at mitb and become wwe champion

23 Shoving Roman Reigns down our throats

Good talent, doesn't have his character down pat and just plain sick of him.

Roman reigns has no life, why is he even Samoan? He deserves to be a penis

He has no life

Reigns is literally John Cena 2.0 lol! He sucks at mic, overpushed and always win. He keeps on burying talents and Legends. He has a limited move set. All he can do is just a superman punch and a spear. Reigns is such a sucky boy.

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24 CM Punk Quits When Royal Rumble 2014 Ended V 1 Comment
25 People Power Era V 1 Comment
26 3MB

This team sucks balls bring back too cool

Most Useless Stable in WWE History.

27 WWE cancels HeAT

They have banned HeAT from getting a cake? How do you get in a cake? How do you BREATHE in a cake?! HOW DO YOU GET KIDNAPPED IN A CAKE?!?! GOD! IT GOT KIDNAPPED IN A CAKE?! I'm done now! - jasongunning

28 The Ambush of Daniel
29 Triple H Heel Turn
30 Randy Orton The Face Of WWE

Randy Orton is definitely not "The Face of WWE" although he is a 12-time World Champion, Randy Orton is good but not best for business.

31 Right to Censor
32 Hiring John Cena

For eternity, everyone is going to hear "Cena sucks" because it's damn true!

I liked John Cena in 2003 through 2005 he was all right in 2006 through 2008 but now he sucks

Yes worst move off all tims

33 Kane beat up The Three Stooges

Who ever thought that idea up is gonna be stalked and beaten up badly tonight.

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34 Ignore the Fans

WWE's stubbornness is ruining the product. They even went as far as confiscating Daniel Bryan Signs.

35 No More Masked Kane
36 Super Cena


37 Cater to the IWC (Idiotic Wrestling Community)
38 Billy and Chuck Wedding

Not only is this a misogynistic company, but it is also as well a homophobic company!

39 Total Divas

Mostly just ever Marie getting hired...

40 Not Bringing Back the Old Titles and Instead Replace Them With Crap
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