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41 Cater to the IWC (Idiotic Wrestling Community)
42 Billy and Chuck Wedding

Not only is this a misogynistic company, but it is also as well a homophobic company!

43 Releasing Superstars
44 Total Divas

Mostly just ever Marie getting hired...

45 Not Bringing Back the Old Titles and Instead Replace Them With Crap
46 WWE Saturday Morning Slam
47 Hiring Hornswoggle
48 WWE insults fans who bought pay-per-views

I can understand advertising the WWE Network by talking about it a lot, but not to this extent. At NOC, Michael Cole said, and I quote: "Why are these idiots spending all this money to watch this when they could watch it on the WWE Network for only $9.99 a month? " Not cool, WWE. Not cool

49 Giving Seth Rollins J&J Security
50 Seth Rollins Winning WWE Title

So you claim that Roman Reigns is ready for the WWE title and he debuted in the same time as Rollins (and Ambrose) and you think that Seth isn't ready? smh

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51 Have Brock Lesnar end the Streak

It was just not grand enough. It shouldn't end on a squash.

52 PTP Winning the Tag Titles
53 Nikki Bella As The Longest Reigning Divas Champion

2nd Longest Reigning Champion AJ Should Be The Face Of The Divas Division Title NOT THE BELLAS

54 John Cena Defeats Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules
55 John Cena is the United States Champion
56 The Rock Losing at Wrestlemania
57 Putting Up With CM Punk's Ego for Too Long
58 Hiring CM Punk and Aj Lee V 2 Comments
59 Constantly Bury Talents Using John Cena
60 Their treatment of CM Punk
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