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41 WWE Saturday Morning Slam
42 Hiring Hornswoggle
43 WWE insults fans who bought pay-per-views

I can understand advertising the WWE Network by talking about it a lot, but not to this extent. At NOC, Michael Cole said, and I quote: "Why are these idiots spending all this money to watch this when they could watch it on the WWE Network for only $9.99 a month? " Not cool, WWE. Not cool

44 Giving Seth Rollins J&J Security
45 Reducing the Meaning of Divas

The women from the past have shown a great deal of what it takes to be a real woman wrestler with examples of Trish Stratus and Lita and many more that could be shown dominate in the company especially today where in NXT the women have great matches such as having Charlotte and Sasha Banks compete against one another however, women like Emma who is great within the ring as shown in the NXT Arrival match of Emma and Paige but when she came into the main roster she became a joke and couldn't shown much of her capability as a wrestler therefore, divas like Natalya, Naomi, Emma, Paige, and aj lee should not just get more time in PPVs but also in the shows of raw, smackdown, main event, and superstars to showcase all their talent that they have trained for such as matches in NXT and FCW where they gave the women a greater importance in the business and should overall give these women a better position in the WWE

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46 Seth Rollins Winning WWE Title

So you claim that Roman Reigns is ready for the WWE title and he debuted in the same time as Rollins (and Ambrose) and you think that Seth isn't ready? smh

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47 Have Brock Lesnar end the Streak

It was just not grand enough. It shouldn't end on a squash.

48 PTP Winning the Tag Titles
49 Nikki Bella As The Longest Reigning Divas Champion

2nd Longest Reigning Champion AJ Should Be The Face Of The Divas Division Title NOT THE BELLAS

50 Undertaker's Undefeated Wrestlemania Streak Ended

What! Why WWE do this to the legendry undertaker. I think that was one of the worst thing that I watch in WWE.

The bad thing wasn't The Undertaker losing his streak it was that Brock Lesnar broke it. - ParasN2000

U suck WWE for doing this.

51 John Cena Defeats Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules
52 John Cena is the United States Champion
53 The Rock Losing at Wrestlemania
54 Putting Up With CM Punk's Ego for Too Long
55 Hiring CM Punk and Aj Lee V 2 Comments
56 Constantly Bury Talents Using John Cena
57 Their treatment of CM Punk
58 Releasing Drew McIntyre
59 Underpushing Cesaro

Come on Vince what's your obsession with Roman reigns Cesaro is 10 times the worker in a day than Roman reigns ever was.

60 Overpushing John Cena
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