Worst Things You Can Do In Life

Have you wondered about the worst things that you can do in life?

The Top Ten

1 Murder

How again is this not number 1? - Minecraftcrazy530

Oh, my first list. - SwagFlicks

2 Do Nothing

You just go out and do something to change the world! - SwagFlicks

3 Be Hurtful Towards Yourself
4 Commit Suicide

Committing suicide is very bad if you commit suicide you will not get to heaven - 2storm

5 Be a Terrorist

Worse than doing nothing. - Userguy44

6 Post on YouTube for the Money
7 Rob People and Places
8 Be a Pedophile

This list id incomprehensible go on YouTube for the money and hate on YouTube is nothing compared to molesting children. Suicide isn't wrong and people that commit it usually have been abused, made fun of until they can't take it anymore. Anyways think about your list before you make it.

9 Be a Hater On Youtube
10 Be a Slacker

The Contenders

11 Destroy Famous Monuments
12 Kidnap People
13 Being Annoying
14 Nuke a Large City
15 Become a Bully

Doesn't make you popular and you ruined other peoples life. Bullies are the worst. - Userguy44

16 Light Your Baby on Fire

Wonkey: This is below watching baby shows.
Wow. - PandaDude98

17 Listen to Bad Music

Just don't listen to it. Easy enough. - Userguy44

18 Watch Baby Shows

This was above lighting your baby on fire.

Wow. - BlarchBlaces

19 Misbehave
20 Be Lazy
21 Look at Porn
22 Stick a Fork in The Toaster

Dumb ways to die so many dumb ways to die. - PatrickStar3

23 Flip Off a Cop
24 Flip Off a Judge
25 Streak Naked in a Daycare
26 Go Skydiving With No Parachute
27 Take a Selfie With a Gun
28 Text While Driving
29 Drink While Driving
30 Set Fire to Your Hair

Dumb ways to die reference. - PatrickStar3

31 Fart in The Elevator
32 Pull a Fire Alarm

I did this once. - PatrickStar3

33 Crash The Entire Internet
34 Have “The Talk” with Your Parents
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1. Be Hurtful Towards Yourself
2. Do Nothing
3. Commit Suicide
1. Be a Terrorist
2. Murder
3. Be a Slacker
1. Do Nothing
2. Murder
3. Rob People and Places


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