Top Ten Worst Things You Could Do On TheTopTens

I decided to make something new this time instead of a SpongeBob list.

The Top Ten

1 Troll

I personally don't want to die... - Turkeyasylum

Like one particular user who hates on Jackie Evancho, and another anonymous person who watns to kill Turkeyasylum. - Spandy4Eva

2 Make Spam Lists
3 Hate On (Other) TopTenners
4 Post Positive Comments About Mainstream Pop Singers

Such as Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, or *shrug* Justin Bieber. - Spandy4Eva

5 Be a Hater
6 Shove Your Opinions Down Other's Throats

They just don't know that thought control doesn't even work!

That would ruin your rep - Camaro6

Like SevenLizards and EpicJake working together to get Arthur out of first place on the Best PBS Kids Shows list, getting Sesame Street to number 1 and shoving their opinions down our throats. Couldn't they have just made a remox of the list instead?

I hate the people who hate me just because I support Spandy... - Spandy4Eva

7 Post Comments With Innuendos and Inappropriate References

I agree these perverts keep adding sex and inappropriate related ideas to my loud house season 2 ideas list - epictoonsfan1

Some TopTenners are 8 or under. This needs to have a family atmosphere. - Spandy4Eva

8 Try to Crush on a "Taken" User

Just don't do this. You will get hurt painfully. - Userguy44

9 Make Pointless Lists
10 Post Positive Comments On The Song "Wrecking Ball" or "Baby"

The Contenders

11 Fight
12 Be a Racist
13 Type in Disturbing Stuff
14 Recommend Terrible Songs, Movies and Video Games to People
15 Give False Information
16 Lie
17 Be Rude
18 Hold a Grudge Against Somebody
19 Brag About Yourself
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