Top Ten Worst Things You Could Do On TheTopTens

I decided to make something new this time instead of a SpongeBob list.

The Top Ten

1 Troll

I personally don't want to die... - Turkeyasylum

Like one particular user who hates on Jackie Evancho, and another anonymous person who watns to kill Turkeyasylum. - Spandy4Eva

2 Make Spam Lists
3 Hate On (Other) TopTenners
4 Post Positive Comments About Mainstream Pop Singers

Such as Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, or *shrug* Justin Bieber. - Spandy4Eva

5 Be A Hater
6 Shove Your Opinions Down Other's Throats

They just don't know that thought control doesn't even work!

Like SevenLizards and EpicJake working together to get Arthur out of first place on the Best PBS Kids Shows list, getting Sesame Street to number 1 and shoving their opinions down our throats. Couldn't they have just made a remox of the list instead?

I hate the people who hate me just because I support Spandy... - Spandy4Eva

7 Post Comments With Innuendos and Inappropriate References

I agree these perverts keep adding sex and inappropriate related ideas to my loud house season 2 ideas list - epictoonsfan1

Some TopTenners are 8 or under. This needs to have a family atmosphere. - Spandy4Eva

8 Try To Crush On A "Taken" User
9 Make Pointless Lists
10 Post Positive Comments On The Song "Wrecking Ball" or "Baby"

The Contenders

11 Fight
12 Be a Racist
13 Type In Disturbing Stuff
14 Recommend Terrible Songs, Movies and Video Games to People
15 Give False Information
16 Lie
17 Be Rude
18 Hold a Grudge Against Somebody
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