Worst Things Your Crush Could Say to You

The Top Ten

1 I Hate You.

Jesus that will hit me,but my crush likes me back,and she said me that,so thanks God for being with me.

2 On a Scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate you a -50.

Actually, this might be a good thing because he/she would probably be joking and it might mean she likes you.

That would be so rude...

That is so mean. - LokiLover2000

3 I Know You Like Me, So Go Away.

Please put "YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE *insert untalented, straight, ugly, under-a-quarter-century-old, and mean-spirited celebrity like Jacob Sartorius here* HE'LL ALWAYS BE MORE FAMOUS & TALENTED THAN YOU WILL EVER BE, YA NOBODY! >:/" on this list. - The Ultimate Daredevil

This can kill your hope for even friendship.

This is actually bad

4 You're Super Ugly.
5 Not Even The Nerdiest Boy Would Like You.

Hmm... This would sting, since I love nerdy types. - Britgirl

This has happened to me all the time. Then again, what do you expect? I'm a Tolkien-loving nerd.

6 You Look Like Sh**
7 I Already Have a Girlfriend.
8 Is There Something Wrong With Your Face?
9 It Looks Like a Truck Ran Over Your Face.
10 Eww! You just farted!

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? Stop stalking me!
? Stop following me!

The Contenders

11 I Don't Need A Girl With A Mustache.

Laugh out loud, this one is hilarious you could say it to any girl with facial hair

12 You're Fat.
13 Eeeww! did you brush your teeth today?
14 You Look Like SpongeBob.
15 You Don't Even Have a Bra On.

If someone said that to me I would just... die!

16 Huh? Are You A Boy Or A Girl?

This one is just funny...

17 Take a shower
18 I saw your buttcrack
19 You Like Justin Bieber And He Sucks.

I hate Justin Bieber and I'm a girl

Is that a joke? - LokiLover2000

Well, normally a girl's taste in music isn't a dealbreaker, but with JB on her iPod... - PositronWildhawk

20 You Pooped In Your Diaper.
21 You Look Like Dora

I hardly find this to be an insult.

22 Erase my number and you better not have it memorized
23 I Already Have a Boyfriend
24 I just like you as a friend. Nothing more, Nothing Less.
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