Worst Things Your Sister Does to You

This is about things my sister does. She is sweet, but soooo annoying sometimes! If you are like me, please read this list. P.S., this list is definantly for boys with younger sisters. I have a sister that's 5......

The Top Ten

1 Pour Water or Liquid Over Your Keyboard

She poured my Disappearing Ink all over mine!

2 Acts Nice So She Can Get Her Way, Then Goes Right Back to Hating You Again

My sister can be a pain when she said she is moving into my room... you don't wanna know!

3 Glue Your Pillows and Blankets to Your Bed

. I try to flip my pillow, and I flip myself off the bed!

4 Beat You Up When You're Not Paying Attention

It's just STUPID! I never had a sis but my friend does, so I know what it's like, trust me, I know, she SITS on me it KILLS wa wa

I am severly scratched every now and then...

5 Use Her Puppy-dog Eyes

Arrghh! My sister's wimpy eyeballs! Where's my pepper spray?

I can't say no to a princess... NO! YOU CAN'T GO IN THERE!

6 Changes Your Scary Shows and Watches Her Girly Stuff

Ill be watching the haunting and she will waltz in and start watching SpongeBob or dora or something. It gets so annoying! - Alpha101

! I can't watch anything without "Bubby, change it. WAA! It's scary! DADDY! " boo hoo!

7 Hacks Your After-school Computer Time

Every single day Ill get on and shell beg my mom to let her on and she gets on while I have nothing to do. And she's also a snitch. My mom wont let me on YouTube so when I get on, "MOM! Rex's on YouTube! " And I get grounded. - Alpha101

8 Begs
9 Kicks You With No Warning

My sister just kicks me for no good reason!

10 Gives Sloppy Kisses

The Contenders

11 Trick You All the Time

She will tell me, If you do my work for me I will play football wit you. When I do it, But I don't wanna play football! Daddy! - Alpha101

12 Fake Crying to Get You In Trouble

Wa wa wa SHUT UP!

13 Being the Family Favorite


Every body gives me oike a thousand chores to do and she hardly has any! - Alpha101

14 Embarrass You In Public
15 Threaten to Kill You

My sister did this

16 Boss you around
17 Act like your parents
18 Be Rude to You
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