Top 10 Worst Things the YouTuber Keemstar Has Actually Done

Keemstar a.k.a. Memestar, a.k.a Killer Keemstar is a Streamer and Host of DramaAlert, also a unbelievable rat and one of the worst persons on the whole internet. These are his absolute worst moments.

The Top Ten

1 Accusing a old man who was streaming Runescape of being a pedophile for looking similar to one

Don't really care about Pyro, never liked his content. But this was harmful. Pyro was an adult man, I believe and very young. Besides, he was earning a fair share of money from his YouTube. But poor Tony was just an old man playing RuneScape, earning like a few bucks per stream. - Canuck101

This kind innocent old man started crying when Keemstar "fans" where harassing him on stream.

Keemstar is my hero my mate, will not stand for this vile abuse. - Puga

2 Making fun of a fan, because his mother died of cancer and saying he too should have cancer

That's one of the cruelest things I have ever heard. - Martinglez

Only knee star could pull off something like this


Ugh how I hate that garden gnome - CatsOMG

3 Telling everyone Pyrocynical is a furry and pedophile and leaking a photo of his face from his private Facebook account.

Keemstar looks like a freckin' garden gnome - RedAce66

4 Use the N word

He called someone nice. Which he himself definitely isn't

He called someone a...a...NAPKIN? NOO!

5 Beating his wife while Streaming

I thought this was a list of things keemstar actually did - dimentioditto

6 His legendarily racist Rant on Alex


7 Telling TotalBiscuit that "he can't wait to report the news of his death"

You don't say this about someone, let alone someone that is battling terminal cancer

Haha, a keemstar fanboy on this list trying to defend him. Go and finish your popcorn. Or watch idubbbz. - IronSabbathPriest

So you call me a fanboy because I object flat out false information on this list wow thanks - dimentioditto

This is the worse thing keemstar has done, but quick rant on the list, half the things on here ironically considering the name aren't things keemstar has actually done, he didn't beat his wife on stream, the kid that he smashed in the face with ice cream was an actor he wasn't really crying, he didn't leak private photos of pyro, or accuse him of being a pedo. the thing about telling someone to kill himself was just overreaction he didn't want him to kill himself. - dimentioditto

8 Threatening Scarce after he made a video defending Keemstars daughter and barely chuckling in it
9 Making bad memes

Memestar created the meme alex is a stupid nerd and I'm on blog T.V. with my fire trucking hands up

Meme star

10 Accusing bashurverse of being a rapist, and leaking his mother's phone number on twitter against his will.

The Contenders

11 Telling someone to kill themselves over a video game
12 Dipping an ice cream cone on a child's face and laughing while he is crying

If that happened to me I would be so furious and heartbroken.

13 Promising that he wants to kill the people at Obey on a Live Stream
14 Saying f*** the fans on a livestream

The fact he said that to his own fans, is just horrendous.

15 Manipulating his fans into sending hate to channels he dislikes
16 Become a garden gnome

Hahaa he is a garden gnome - RandomPersoneatingpie2

17 Rushes out his videos everyday

His Videos Are Rushed?

18 Made a little kid cry

He's just an awful person

19 He told his fans to get cancer and die
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