Top 10 Worst Thomas and Friends Characters


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1 Bertram Bertram

Could have been better if they gave him another episode to show his true persona.

He is creepy no wonder he only had 1 appearance

Hey, Bertram isn't that bad. Fred and Thumper are way worse.

Only one appearance?! Terrible mix of Duke's model and Smudger's face.

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2 The Horrid Lorries The Horrid Lorries

These guys suck. Really suck.

Lorry 2 is the best.

Not needed.

I hate them.

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3 Old Stuck Up Old Stuck Up

The definition of unoriginal.

I guess he lives up to his name.

I like D199 and Old Stuck-Up.

Not needed.

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4 Thumper Thumper

His design is ugly and that ugly idiot needs to get out of the quarry right now. - FinnsWorld

Only created for merchandise. What a bad character.

Nobody Likes Thumper, I Hate him too.

That bitch needs to get out of that quarry right NOW!

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5 98462 98462

Who the hell are these asses

He is called Alfred in the fanfiction and is a serial killer.

Not needed.

I hate him.

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6 Sir Robert Norramby Sir Robert Norramby

Not needed.

I hate him.

7 Ivo Hugh Ivo Hugh

Ivo Hugh is better than Fred.

Ivo Hugh is better than Fred.

Not needed.

8 The Halloween Engine The Halloween Engine

What an awful character! - FinnsWorld

Even his name is stupid.

Not needed.

I don't think he couts because he is just a scrapped peice of gorden

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9 Splatter Splatter

I decided to also have some other places for them on the list. splatter at 40 and dodge 41. this is also the very first comment on the list. - FinnsWorld

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10 Burnett Stone Burnett Stone

Anything from Thomas and the Magic Railroad sucks.

Too Depressing & Boring.

Not needed.

I hate him.

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11 Tiger Moth Tiger Moth

Why would they add this poop

Not needed.

12 Colin Colin

Does anyone remember him? Nope.

Hey, he's not that bad.

I don't like his name.

Not needed.

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13 Sixteen Sixteen

Heh, it would be funny if Sixteen was at 16! Hah!

The 3rd Worst Character in My Opinion.

Not needed.

14 Max Max

Max is on the right,

One of my favorites...

Not needed.

Take him off!

15 Donald Donald

And before you call me a hypocrite, I wasn't saying Neville and Molly were bad because I didn't like their names. I was just saying that I don't like the name Neville or Molly.

Okay, so before we start a silly argument, we should stop commenting. NOW.

But other people have commented on other characters saying their names are bad.


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16 Lady Lady

Ok, um hi, everybody. You probably know me from the super long coment I made about Duck in the best lists. But know lets talk about the worst of the worst in the thomas and friends franchise. I know all of you are going to be like,"Are you serious, Lady isn't that bad! ", but mark my word, I am going to make another super long coment to about, in my opinion, the worst thomas and friends character ever. Now let's talk about Thomas and the Magic Railroad, in my opinion it wasn't that bad, it just seemed a little quirky, but it wasn't all that bad. Except for Lady. Yes, I can see Burnett Stone at number ten, NUMBER TEN, are you friggan kidding me! Lady is way, WAY worse than Burnett will ever be. And please someone ask me how much screen time did Lady get in the whole friggan movie, almost none except for the super dumb end that everyone hated. And don't get me wrong I loved Lady when I was little, but know I just want to see her burnin the flaming pits of the scrapyards, ok that's a ...more

Not needed. Just a plot device. Nothing else. - SamKoffsky

She's a beautiful engine

Plot device.

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17 Rosie Rosie

To me, Rosie is the number 1 worst Thomas character. First of all, she has a bland character, second, In The Fastest Red Engine On Sodor (In my opinion one of the worst Thomas episodes) she adds nothing to the story, and third, she's annoying, even more annoying than Coconut Fred or Annoying Orange.

I think she has no point in the T.V. show and is annoying!

Not needed. She only exists to be a "girlfriend" for Thomas, sell toys, and have rule 34 art made. She has no personality and a heart. Literaly. Surprised Charlie ain't higher. He's much worse. Same with Billy

Give her her old paint job back!

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18 Fred Fred

I don't see the point of him and he's probably just a narrow gauge version of Diesel. - FinnsWorld

Fred wasn't even a plot device. Get him to #2, but not to 1 because Lady should be #1.

He's just a lazy boring stupid diesel who was never even seen.

Has anyone ever heard of him? Nope.

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19 Diesel 10 Diesel 10

Diesel Ten always made me mad as a kid! - Dawscr

I hate his design.

Plot device,

Not needed.

20 Charlie Charlie

My least favorite character in the entire series. Simply irritating and annoying.

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