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1 Bertram Bertram

This is a few reasons why Season 5 was the start of the downhill, not 8 or 9. I prefer the first four seasons.

Just about every character except Douglas is here. Now, as you may remember by my entries on the Top 10 Peanuts Characters List, I protest against hate for characters by adding EVERY character to the list. So, that said, I want to add Douglas, but there’s no more room on this list! Whaaa?

He is creepy no wonder he only had 1 appearance

Could have been better if they gave him another episode to show his true persona.

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2 The Horrid Lorries The Horrid Lorries


Horrible characters only in 1 episode

These guys suck. Really suck.

Lorry 2 is the best.

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3 Old Stuck Up Old Stuck Up

The definition of unoriginal.

I guess he lives up to his name.

Not needed.

I like D199 and Old Stuck-Up.

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4 Thumper Thumper

That stupid piece of garbage needs to go to t the scrapyard

His design is ugly and that ugly idiot needs to get out of the quarry right now. - FinnsWorld

Only created for merchandise. What a bad character.

Nobody Likes Thumper, I Hate him too.

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5 98462 98462

Who the hell are these asses

He is called Alfred in the fanfiction and is a serial killer.

Not needed.

I hate him.

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6 Sir Robert Norramby Sir Robert Norramby

Not needed.

I hate him.

7 Ivo Hugh Ivo Hugh

Ivo Hugh is better than Fred.

Ivo Hugh is better than Fred.

Not needed.

8 The Halloween Engine The Halloween Engine

What an awful character! - FinnsWorld

Even his name is stupid.

Not needed.

Plot device.

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9 Splatter Splatter

I decided to also have some other places for them on the list. splatter at 40 and dodge 41. this is also the very first comment on the list. - FinnsWorld

Plot device.

Too many Gronks.

Not needed.

10 Burnett Stone Burnett Stone

He is too out of character for Thomas

Anything from Thomas and the Magic Railroad sucks.

Too Depressing & Boring.

Not needed.

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11 Sir Topham Hatt Sir Topham Hatt

He really gets on my nerves the way he is and what he does like scolds those poor trains and always blames them first for anything like the troublesome trucks when they're always being unruly, mischievous, troublesome, naughty, or uncontrollable like in Thomas and the Trucks, Percy Takes the Plunge, Percy's Predicament, Emily's New Route, No More Mr. Nice Engine, The Adventure Begins, and/or Bradford the Brake Van.
Another thing he does that really bothers and annoys me is he always blames the engines first even before the drivers. The drivers are whom drive the drive. They always escape blame. The drivers work the controls to work and control the trains. They're in control. The trains really are not in control of they're own self. They're trains, not chipmunks (or animals). In the movie, Unstoppable, Dewey says, "It just got away from me! " Connie Hooper then says and tells him "It got away from you?! It's a train, Dewey, not a chipmunk! " He thinks it got away from him like a ...more

He's a stereotypical brute and pain in himself. Who does he think he is anyway scolding those poor trains a lot and berating them for situations beyond their control and acting and treating them like they're chipmunks or animals like in control of their own selves like in the movie, Unstoppable, where Connie Hooper tells Dewey that it's a train and not a chipmunk when he said to and told her that it got away from him and when the drivers are in control and work the controls and let them escape blame like in Thomas Comes to Breakfast when Thomas crashed into the stationmaster's house even when a careless cleaner had meddled with his controls and in Wayward Winston where and when he blamed him for going off without he himself even if he forgot to set and put on the brake? He said to Percy, James, and the Fruitful Day that his railway does not run like a jam factory. He didn't let Gordon's driver escape blame in Thomas and the Rumors by speaking severely to him and not Gordon for going ...more

I describe his facial expressions and personality ugly, hideous, lame, rotten, vulgar, lousy, loathsome, hateful, mean, mean spirited, rude, intimidating, atrocious, belligerent, bellicose, heinous, wrathful, angry, unpredictable, grouchy, grumpy, greedy, gluttonous, temperamental, emotional, overemotional, irritable, irascible, uptight, edgy, tense, crotchety, touchy, moody, hypocritical, bratty, stereotypical, stubborn, unkind, unfair, unpleasant, unreasonable, and selfish.
He's such a mean spirited pain and black hat.
He scolds and reprimands and berates and rebukes others like people and the engines a lot unreasonably and insultingly.

Another thing that bothers me about him that he does a whole lot and ton is he always blames the engines for the troublesome trucks when they're always causing trouble and being naughty and mischievous and causes them to crash.

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12 Tiger Moth Tiger Moth

Why would they add this poop

Not needed.

13 Gordon Gordon

Oh, the indignity!
He's such a crybaby.
Cranky Bugs: Cranes are airy fairy things! They need a lot of attention like me in fact!
I'd like to see the look on his face and how he thinks of that babies need a lot of attention and how he acts like one for groaning "Oh, the indignity! " and wanting a lot and all the attention he wants and can get.
He also said that he complains all the time whenever he wants for how he's a big blue engine and he knows everything (which he never at all a bit doesn't) in A Better View for Gordon compared to babies cry and whine to get attention and tell their families what and how they need things! Nobody knows everything.

Thomas' Christmas Party: he was wearing a Santa Claus Christmas hat on his funnel and smoke box.
Thomas Meets the Queen: he wore shields on the sides of his smoke box with bringing and taking the queen with pulling the royal train.
Best Dressed Engine: he said that decorations are undignified for an important engine like him.
King of the Railway: he wore banners and decorations at Ulfstead Castle for its grand opening along with racing against Spencer, Caitlin, and Connor.
The Missing Christmas Decorations: he said it was outrageous that someone was taking all of his and the others' decorations on Christmas.

Chickens to School: Pah, a really useful engine doesn't need help!
Chickens to School: Edward: I'm always helping Gordon up the hill!
You Can Do It Toby! So Gordon had to wait for Edward to help.
Big Strong Henry: Henry: Even a really useful engines needs help sometimes! Don't you agree, Gordon?
Gordon and the Mechanic: Even an important engine like me needs help sometimes!
O The Indignity: Scruff: I'll help you, Gordon!
Percy and the Calliope: Sir Topham Hatt's helpers struggled and strained to push the car until it started!
Down the Mine: Should we form an alliance? You help me and I'll help you?!
Thomas Meets the Queen: You help me and I'll help you!
A Better View for Gordon: Help me, please?!
Snow: Heeelllp!
Gordon Takes a Tumble: Ohhh, help!
Edward the Really Useful Engine: Thank you for helping me, Edward! You really are a useful engine!
Franklin: Franklin in Charge: Mrs. Elizabeth Turtle: Being responsible doesn't mean you can't ask for ...more

He has not at all ever a bit been my favorite character or engine since birth and when I first watched this show. He's rude, pompous, arrogant, self important, conceited, jealous, and boastful. He thinks himself to be the most important engine for pulling the express. There's no such thing as most important. That's only a function. Miss Jenny said in On Site with Thomas that there is no such thing as most important and they're all part of a team.

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14 Colin Colin

Does anyone remember him? Nope.

Hey, he's not that bad.

I don't like his name.

Not needed.

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15 Rosie Rosie

Ummm excuse me? Rosie at 16? What the actual...
Rosie is very boring. All she does is annoy Thomas. There was literally no reason for her to be painted red. How Henry willingly moved out to sleep with her is still beyond me. I'm on Gordon's side- let's keep Henry! No one cares about Becky!

She was terrible in Seasons 10-16, she's much better in Seasons 21-22.

Hi I'm Rosie and I stalk Thomas to the point of mimicking him exactly! Please enjoy my Blind Fangirl personality! :DDD

To me, Rosie is the number 1 worst Thomas character. First of all, she has a bland character, second, In The Fastest Red Engine On Sodor (In my opinion one of the worst Thomas episodes) she adds nothing to the story, and third, she's annoying, even more annoying than Coconut Fred or Annoying Orange.

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16 Sixteen Sixteen

Heh, it would be funny if Sixteen was at 16! Hah!

The 3rd Worst Character in My Opinion.

Not needed.

17 Donald Donald

At least dugglis saved oliver and toad from scrap

And before you call me a hypocrite, I wasn't saying Neville and Molly were bad because I didn't like their names. I was just saying that I don't like the name Neville or Molly.

Okay, so before we start a silly argument, we should stop commenting. NOW.

But other people have commented on other characters saying their names are bad.

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18 Max Max

Max is on the right,

One of my favorites...

Not needed.

Take him off!

19 Lady Lady

She is so very beautiful. Her name means female lord. She is female lord for how she kept Sodor alive and the steam engines and as long as she exists, so do the others.

Ok, um hi, everybody. You probably know me from the super long coment I made about Duck in the best lists. But know lets talk about the worst of the worst in the thomas and friends franchise. I know all of you are going to be like,"Are you serious, Lady isn't that bad! ", but mark my word, I am going to make another super long coment to about, in my opinion, the worst thomas and friends character ever. Now let's talk about Thomas and the Magic Railroad, in my opinion it wasn't that bad, it just seemed a little quirky, but it wasn't all that bad. Except for Lady. Yes, I can see Burnett Stone at number ten, NUMBER TEN, are you friggan kidding me! Lady is way, WAY worse than Burnett will ever be. And please someone ask me how much screen time did Lady get in the whole friggan movie, almost none except for the super dumb end that everyone hated. And don't get me wrong I loved Lady when I was little, but know I just want to see her burnin the flaming pits of the scrapyards, ok that's a ...more

She's a beautiful engine

Not needed. Just a plot device. Nothing else. - SamKoffsky

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20 Diesel 10 Diesel 10

I hate Diesel 10 because of his claw and design! He is Diesel 0! - williamou417

Diesel Ten always made me mad as a kid! - Dawscr

I hate his design.

Not needed.

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21 Thomas Thomas

He's such a selfless hero and ultimate sacrifice.

I like thomas he's fun

Hey, he's not that bad.

"He's the cheeky one."

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22 James James

He's such a bratty snob. He's so very vain and a twerp. He should be scrapped. If I were Sir Topham Hatt, I would scrap him and/or put him on display somewhere on something and also paint him a different color and make him dirty and give him dirty work and take away and compensate his passenger duties and coaches. Also, I think might be responsible for and making him act the way he does with his attitude and behavior is he having his dome gold and a steam locomotive's dome is like their heart so it's like a heart of gold. Also, Gordon said in Gordon and the Famous Visitor "Never trust domeless engines, they're not respectable! " like they're heartless and have no heart. Also, in Thomas, Percy, and the Dragon, Gordon said to Percy, "Your dome has cracked! " just like his heart has broken and/or sank, so it's like him having a heart of gold and being spoiled for it and just spat on it. He needs to have it cracked and smashed and painted and colored and polished a different color for how ...more

James is not at all a bit my favorite character or engine. He's so very vain, selfish, stubborn, conceited, arrogant, naughty, know it all, pompous, pouty, and egotistical. He claims and considers himself to be the best like the smartest, brightest, shiniest, and fastest red engine on Sodor and above everyone else and superior to the other engines and is shallow and emotional about it. He even tried to think and make himself be the favorite like of either Sir Topham Hatt or anyone or everyone else in Journey Beyond Sodor. I'd like to see the look on his face and swallow and eat those words and thoughts when he sees the show to and that shows Thomas to be everyone's favorite engine. He's also hypocritical. He said and called Philip a show off in Philip to the Rescue even though he was the one doing that. He also criticizes Gordon for complaining all the time and being grumpy in A Better View for Gordon even though he's also guilty of this like in Pouty James. He also criticized Gordon ...more

James is just such a bratty snob. He's such a jealous jerk.

"Is vain but lots of fun." Read that again and tell me that it makes sense. "Oh, James? He's remarkably self-absorbed and catty. BUT SO MUCH FUN." I bet. Anyway, when I read Thomas books to my son, I do James in a comically fey voice. I have him lisp and everything. It's terrible.

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23 Ferdinand Ferdinand

He's the best! - williamou417

That's WRONG!

Just Painful. - FinnsWorld

I hate him.

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24 Fred Fred

I don't see the point of him and he's probably just a narrow gauge version of Diesel. - FinnsWorld

Has anyone ever heard of him? Nope.

Fred wasn't even a plot device. Get him to #2, but not to 1 because Lady should be #1.

He's just a lazy boring stupid diesel who was never even seen.

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25 Charlie Charlie

They wanted to make a new toy, so they just painted Billy purple and renamed him.

My least favorite character in the entire series. Simply irritating and annoying.

Hey, he's not that bad.

I hate his design.

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26 Flynn Flynn

Disgrace to firefighters everywhere.

"His firebox was on fire."

Not needed.

I hate him.

27 Luke Luke

Said a bunch of rude words to thomas

I'm not surprised if he's in the top 60, He presents himself destroying another engine, he made Diesel want to take him away.

Hey, FinnsWorld.
Deliberate belittlement of Blue Mountain Mystery, no sympathy whatsoever for an engine who SEEMINGLY killed another engine, eeexxxccceeesssiiivvveee uuussseee ooofff zzzeeerrroooeeesss, and just flat-out being mean. How is Luke not your least favorite character? Maybe if you knew who the yellow engine was and how he survived, you’d change your mind!

His face is too ugly.

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28 Bertie Bertie

How did Bertie wind up at 33 but Bulgy went up to 55? Is it because the more words you type, the farther down your character goes?

Take him off!

Getting sick of this stupid list, Thomas-fans? Well, you’re in luck, because finally, here we are, the very last vehicle on the list, Bertie. Congrats, Bertie! You’re the least-hated Thomas and Friends character! Actually, I’m not sure, because Douglas didn’t show up on the list and that must mean he’s pretty likeable.

29 Bash Bash

Could have been better with severely better writing, dialogue, and roles in the series.

Plot debice. Same with Dash and Ferdinand.

Not needed.

Just Painful. - FinnsWorld

30 Philip Philip

His high-pitched voice + show-off attitude + meaningful contributions to the series = not a very likeable character so far.

That picture is in terrible quality because it was taken from a book or something.

Philips just a new character

The picture is in terrible quality I wonder why.

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31 Emily Emily

"Really knows her stuff." The show does not present evidence of this.

Her theme song is just incredibly obnoxious.

Her singing voice in Part 1 of "Diesel's Ghostly Christmas is just completely intolerable.

This low even though everyone hates her

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32 The Diesel The Diesel

Fuss pot

Plot device.

33 Edward's Ghost Engine Edward's Ghost Engine

Why's everyone hating on him? he doesn't even exist and neither does the Easter bunny.

All they did to create him was take off Donald or Douglas's nameplates and uncoupled his tender. - FinnsWorld

Rusty's ghost engine is better.

Yeah lazy right like dennis

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34 Trevor Trevor

I agree he's not Crepy

Trevor is awesome! Him liking children doesn't make him creepy!

"I like children." Creepisest character ever.

35 Salty Salty

The Ugly Red One

Hey, he's not that bad.


36 Den Den

He's useless!

37 Norman Norman

What’s a plot device?

Norman is a plot device and is even worse then sidney and paxton combined. - FinnsWorld

How dare you disrespect my opinion - FinnsWorld

His face, design and color are ugly. I hate this ugly diesel.

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38 Winston Winston

I hate him.

Not needed.

Ripoff of Sir Topham Hatt's old car.

39 Billy Billy

Shut up billy and stop saying stop telling me what to do thomas your a very bossy engine you plot device. - FinnsWorld

He's annoying, bossy and I feel like he wasn't introduced properly, Samson is him but done right.

But Billy appeared before Charlie, so wouldn't that make Charlie Billy with a different color?

Worst character ever introduced.

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40 Sam Sam

The BEST engine EVER!

Not needed, Murdoch would better suit this role.

Sam is better than Logan and Dustin.

Redundant; far too large for British rails.

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41 Mighty Mac Mighty Mac

Who is Boo?

This double sided engine thing is not new. The culled fell engines had faces on the back of their cabs. Also, boo had two faces in the railway series, one on each side. Also, mighty mac does not look natural. At all. And plus, what kind of name is mighty?! At least macs name is real!

Another plot device. - FinnsWorld

Seriously, all they do is argue.

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42 Molly Molly

She is very pretty and beautiful. She is so very sweet and cute looking. She's special. She is one of my favorite characters.

Beautiful engine, but not enough development to become likeable, in my opinion.

Boy, molly is such a big crybaby! - FinnsWorld

Molly the chronically depressed yellow engine.

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43 Rocky Rocky

Here to sell toys

Hey, he's not that bad.

Plot device.

44 Connor Connor

I don't like his name.

I like Connor

I hate him.

Pip and Emma could of easily took their jobs. - FinnsWorld

45 Gator Gator

(Used too much in a short period of time.

I hate his design.

I hate him.

46 Logan Logan

His face is too ugly.

I hate him.

47 Spencer Spencer

All they did was make Gordon more annoying and obnoxious. Say no to Spencer, worst character ever.

They are Hit Entertainment, the people who created Spencer to be a ripoff of Gordon, only more annoying.

Plot device and ripoff of Gordon. Not needed at all.

Don't you mean all he did - FinnsWorld

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48 Henry Henry

There's one guy who comments on all the Steam Team members using their verses from "Engine Roll Call." Search up Thomas, Edward, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, or Emily, or just stay here. He or she says that the show no longer presents evidence of Emily or Edward's roles, makes fun of Toby, ridicules Henry and Percy, and even calls Gordon a total c__k! He or she doesn't make fun of Thomas, though. Another thing I know is that this commenter is a mother or father, because when he/she reads Thomas books to his/her son, he/she uses a lispy voice, thus making fun of James. Oh, that's a great idea- expose your son to hatred of the series' most beloved characters! Honestly, if you hate all the main characters, there's really nothing you can do...

"Toots and huffs and puffs." Oh, you mean like every train ever? Find a new gimmick, Henry.

HIT ruined him, just like they ruined every character.

Same reasons as Toby.

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49 Percy Percy

He is always one of my favorite characters in the whole show and series. He's so very cute, sweet, adorable, precious, angelic, lovable, pleasant, polite, kind, and funny.

"Pulls the mail on time." Percy is Thomas's best friend and likes pulling mail. And he's green. That's about it, frankly. Thomas is a brand short on complex characters and long on LOOK AT THE CHOOCHOO, DADDY!

"Pulls the mail on time." Is that really all he does?

I don't like his name.

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50 Rheneas Rheneas

The same parent who commented on all the Steam Team members struck again on Rheneas! Honestly, is there one Thomas character you do like?

Seasons 9-12 only. - FinnsWorld

Seems like a Utah baby name, but there you go. There are a LOT of engines on Sodor, far more than I can cover in this post. Suffice it to say, if there's a baby name, there is probably a corresponding Thomas train to go with it. And that will be true as long as parents like me are suckers enough to buy Thomas train toys. Mark my words, you WILL see a BAYLEN steamie in toy stores at some point within the next five years. It's just a logical market extension.

Take him off!

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