Top 10 Worst Thomas and Friends Characters


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21 The Diesel The Diesel V 3 Comments
22 Bash Bash

Could have been better with severely better writing, dialogue, and roles in the series.

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23 Flynn Flynn

Disgrace to firefighters everywhere.

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24 Norman Norman

Norman is a plot device and is even worse then sidney and paxton combined. - FinnsWorld

His face, design and color are ugly. I hate this ugly diesel.

Norman is better than Paxton or Sidney.

How dare you disrespect my opinion - FinnsWorld

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25 Rocky Rocky

Hey, he's not that bad.

Here to sell toys

Plot device.

26 Gator Gator

(Used too much in a short period of time.

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27 Philip Philip

His high-pitched voice + show-off attitude + meaningful contributions to the series = not a very likeable character so far.

That picture is in terrible quality because it was taken from a book or something.

The picture is in terrible quality I wonder why.

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28 Thomas Thomas V 4 Comments
29 Oliver (The Pack) Oliver (The Pack)

If you didn't mean oil do, what did you mean to type?

They should have called him loin, oil do, or Ollie instead of Oliver.

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30 Old Slow Coach Old Slow Coach

Old Slow Coach is such a crybaby.

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31 Edward's Ghost Engine Edward's Ghost Engine

All they did to create him was take off Donald or Douglas's nameplates and uncoupled his tender. - FinnsWorld

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32 Vinnie Vinnie

That picture is in terrible quality.

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33 Mr. Bubbles V 2 Comments
34 Salty Salty V 2 Comments
35 Devious Diesel Devious Diesel

He has flip-flopped too many times in the CGI series.

A diesel engine. Diesel engines are bad guys in the Thomas universe. I guess relying on efficient diesel fuel over coal makes you a real dick, eh? Whatever. By the way, the coal-powered steam engines on Sodor refer to themselves as "steamies." Try not laughing every time you hear that word. It's impossible.

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36 George George V 3 Comments
37 Monty Monty V 3 Comments
38 Hiro Hiro

Hey, he's not that bad.

All I ave seen him do is go ha ha ha with the other engines. he is also a discrace to some other characters like stepney, neville (even though neville sucks), donald, douglas and victoria. if you don't belive me I think you will soon know what I mean. - FinnsWorld

39 Kevin Kevin

Victor's helper. The health of an entire railway rests on Victor and little Kevin. Again, this seems inefficient.

Hey, he's not that bad.

I don't like his name.

I hate him

40 Victor Victor

Who changed the word in my previous comment to messes?!?!

Hey, he's not that bad.

Has a Cuban accent. Runs the Sodor Steamworks. How can you fix trains, Victor? YOU HAVE NO HANDS. It makes no sense. Anyway, Victor often turns over supervision of the Steamworks to Thomas, who ALWAYS messes it up. He's not gonna learn, Victor. Stop giving him the keys to the store.

I hate him.

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