Top 10 Worst Thomas and Friends Characters


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61 Dodge Dodge

Dodge is twice as bad as Splatter.

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62 Fergus Fergus

You can see either bill or ben in the background.

Trevor had better proportions than him.

I made him an antagonist in my stories.

Hey, he's not that bad.

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63 Billy Billy

Shut up billy and stop saying stop telling me what to do thomas your a very bossy engine you plot device. - FinnsWorld

He's annoying, bossy and I feel like he wasn't introduced properly, Samson is him but done right.

But Billy appeared before Charlie, so wouldn't that make Charlie Billy with a different color?

Hey, he's not that bad.

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64 Flora Flora

Toby ripoff, not needed, I thought Toby was supposed to be known as "only tram on Sodor"...

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65 Sam Sam

Not needed, Murdoch would better suit this role.

Redundant; far too large for British rails.

Pointless merchandise only character. - FinnsWorld

Sam is better than Logan and Dustin.

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66 Mighty Mac Mighty Mac

This double sided engine thing is not new. The culled fell engines had faces on the back of their cabs. Also, boo had two faces in the railway series, one on each side. Also, mighty mac does not look natural. At all. And plus, what kind of name is mighty?! At least macs name is real!

Another plot device. - FinnsWorld

Seriously, all they do is argue.

Hey, he's not that bad,

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67 Freddie Freddie

Duke ripoff, not needed.

Plot device. I hate him.

Hey, he's not that bad.

Basically replaced Duke and changed the Skarloey Railway's history. - FinnsWorld

68 Proteus Proteus

In season 10, proteus died...

Plot device and ripoff of Sir Handel. I hate him.

He's just sir Handel painted yellow

Not needed.

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69 Neville Neville

Why can't his number be on his tender.

His design is just so ugly.

I don't like his name.

Hey, he's not that bad.

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70 Molly Molly

Beautiful engine, but not enough development to become likeable, in my opinion.

Molly the chronically depressed yellow engine.

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71 Godred Godred

Too Depressing, His Death made me Cry.

72 D199 D199

Sopamcan is great.

73 The Big City Engine The Big City Engine

Unless London is Euston...

I hate him.

74 Fred Pelhay Fred Pelhay

The 4th Worst Character in My Opinion.

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75 U.L.P. U.L.P.

His face nakes me laugh, he's like "Hey man, whatcha doing'? " LOL.

76 Rickety Rickety

I like Rickety.

He's Bad to Me.

77 Mallard Mallard

Mallard is better than Spencer.

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78 Dennis Dennis

He's just a rip-off of Daisy. - FinnsWorld

I don't like his name.

Hey, he's not that bad.

Plot device.

79 Mr. Percival Mr. Percival

Another lame character.

I don't like his name.

I hate him.

80 Jeremy Jeremy

Hey, he's not that bad.

This Character is so boring. - FinnsWorld

Plot device.

I hate him.

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