Top 10 Worst Thomas and Friends Characters


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81 The Admiral The Admiral V 1 Comment
82 Alice Alice V 3 Comments
83 Dusty Dave Dusty Dave V 2 Comments
84 Whiff Whiff

Hey, he's not that bad.

I hate his name.

That's my custom engine agian

I hate him.

V 1 Comment
85 Hector Hector

His design is too ugly.

Hey, he's not that bad.

I don't like his name.

Plot device.

V 1 Comment
86 Madge Madge V 2 Comments
87 Hank Hank V 3 Comments
88 Stephen Stephen

I hate him.

89 Caitlin Caitlin V 2 Comments
90 Millie Millie

I hate her.

91 Porter Porter V 2 Comments
92 Timothy Timothy V 1 Comment
93 Marion Marion V 1 Comment
94 Reg Reg

Needs more development, and not just being in an episode.

V 2 Comments
95 Samson Samson

I appreciate the "bad-boy" take on his personality, but he's honestly become aggrivating to me.

V 2 Comments
96 Logan Logan V 2 Comments
97 The Slip Coaches The Slip Coaches V 1 Comment
98 Glynn Glynn V 3 Comments
99 Jerome Jerome V 2 Comments
100 Judy Judy V 2 Comments
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