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101 Ryan Ryan

Plot device.

102 Skiff Skiff

Is he a train or a boat? Either way, he's stupid.

103 Bert Bert V 1 Comment
104 Rex Rex

You can see duck in the background.

105 Mike Mike V 1 Comment
106 Sailor John Sailor John V 2 Comments
107 Isobella Isobella V 2 Comments
108 Happy Hook Happy Hook

And now on 100, happy hook. This character should definitely be higher. Awful character.

Okay now you're hating on basically every character.

You can see dart and den in the background.

Not every character is on the list - FinnsWorld

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109 Duncan Duncan V 1 Comment
110 Edward Edward

We didn't really see much of his intelligent or wise personality in this time frame.

"Wants to help and share." Edward pretty much looks like Thomas. They're the same color and everything. It gets confusing.

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111 Henry Henry

"Toots and huffs and puffs." Oh, you mean like every train ever? Find a new gimmick, Henry.

HIT ruined him, just like they ruined every character.

Same reasons as Toby.

His worrywart character trait has become... cringeworthy.

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112 Butch Butch

Season 5 - Misty Island Rescue only. - FinnsWorld

113 Henrietta Henrietta V 1 Comment
114 Gordon Gordon

"Thunders down the line." Total cock.

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115 James James

"Is vain but lots of fun." Read that again and tell me that it makes sense. "Oh, James? He's remarkably self-absorbed and catty. BUT SO MUCH FUN." I bet. Anyway, when I read Thomas books to my son, I do James in a comically fey voice. I have him lisp and everything. It's terrible.

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116 Percy Percy

"Pulls the mail on time." Percy is Thomas's best friend and likes pulling mail. And he's green. That's about it, frankly. Thomas is a brand short on complex characters and long on LOOK AT THE CHOOCHOO, DADDY!

"Pulls the mail on time." Is that really all he does?

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117 Toby Toby

"Well, let's say he's 'square.'" That part of the theme song is the kiddie choir telling you that Toby is old and useless. Toby gets stuck in things a lot.

Duck and the Scottish twins are better than Toby.

"Well let's say he's square". LOL

It is simply an insult that the wisest engine on the island has been flanderized into the weakest and most scared engine.

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118 Skarloey Skarloey V 3 Comments
119 Rheneas Rheneas

Seems like a Utah baby name, but there you go. There are a LOT of engines on Sodor, far more than I can cover in this post. Suffice it to say, if there's a baby name, there is probably a corresponding Thomas train to go with it. And that will be true as long as parents like me are suckers enough to buy Thomas train toys. Mark my words, you WILL see a BAYLEN steamie in toy stores at some point within the next five years. It's just a logical market extension.

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120 Sir Handel Sir Handel

Because many of the characters on this list (donald, Sir Handel, Duncan, etc) are great characters and don't deserve to be called worst characters.

Why do you guys only say take him off on my lists its not fair - FinnsWorld

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