Top Ten Worst Thomas and Friends Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Wonky Whistle

3 reasons first Sharon miller Second obnoxious whistle Third Sharon Miller

It wasn't Sharon Miller who wrote this, it was Neil Ben. - TheThomas5252

I don't think that sharon miller wrote this

It's true; it was Neil Ben.

2 Ho Ho Snowman
3 Fiery Flynn V 1 Comment
4 Thomas and the Runaway Kite
5 Up Up and Away
6 Henry's Magic Box
7 Buzzy Bees
8 Pingy Pongy Pick Up
9 Push Me, Pull You
10 The Old Bridge V 1 Comment

The Newcomers

? Whistles And Sneezes

The Contenders

11 Thomas' Frosty Friend V 1 Comment
12 Snow V 1 Comment
13 Thomas's Christmas Party

Only episode from seasons 1-4 that is actually bad.

14 Four Little Engines
15 Thomas, Percy and the Coal

Not bad but Drip Tank should of been adapted to complete it as a two part episode.

16 No Joke for James V 1 Comment
17 Rusty to the Rescue

The only bad episode of Seasons 1-4 and Super Rescue should of been adapted instead.

18 Salty's Stormy Tale

Bill and Ben should of replaced Thomas and Percy and BoCo could of helped Salty instead of Fergus.

19 Rheneas and the Roller Coaster V 1 Comment
20 Bulgy Rides Again

Would of worked with Duck and Oliver instead of Thomas and Emily and Bulgy should of been in his grumpy Season 3 personality and remain in his red livery when he became a vegetable bus.

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