Top Ten Worst Thomas and Friends Episodes


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1 Wonky Whistle

How much I hate this episode CAN NOT be described, I am a big fan of Thomas though.

3 reasons first Sharon miller Second obnoxious whistle Third Sharon Miller

Wonky Whistle is crap Thomas is just such a idiot in this episode

It's true; it was Neil Ben.

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2 Ho Ho Snowman
3 Fiery Flynn

Flynn is bad at saving the day

4 Thomas and the Runaway Kite
5 Up Up and Away
6 Henry's Magic Box
7 Buzzy Bees
8 Pingy Pongy Pick Up
9 Edward Strikes Out

I don't know how an episode like this was published, it depicts Edward in a way it really shouldn't.

Edward's character was totally out of pace, which is a shame because he is my favorite character.

10 Push Me, Pull You


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? Forever and Ever
? Middle Engine

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11 The Old Bridge

Would of worked with Ivo Hugh instead of Skarloey.

12 Happy Hiro
13 Thomas' Frosty Friend

Thomas is not blind hit

14 Snow

2. How did the crew survive without freezing to death?
3. How is an avalanche funny?
4. What the heck is Gordon's snow machine supposed to be exactly?
5. Gordon could have been dead in the tunnel and the others didn't even bother to help him
So I ask again how is it deserving of a positive rating?  Here is my rant:

What's the Funny part about an Avalanche? NOTHING, people can DIE FROM THEM. and Skarloey doesn't have an Engine, HE IS THE ENGINE! This episode is the worst of the classic era. 2/10 :( - FinnsWorld

15 Thomas's Christmas Party

Only episode from seasons 1-4 that is actually bad.

16 Four Little Engines
17 Thomas, Percy and the Coal

Not bad but Drip Tank should of been adapted to complete it as a two part episode.

18 No Joke for James

Not bad just a bit rushed.

19 Rusty to the Rescue

The only bad episode of Seasons 1-4 and Super Rescue should of been adapted instead.

20 Salty's Stormy Tale

Bill and Ben should of replaced Thomas and Percy and BoCo could of helped Salty instead of Fergus.

21 Rheneas and the Roller Coaster

Would of worked with Sir Handel instead of Rheneas.

22 Bulgy Rides Again

Would of worked with Duck and Oliver instead of Thomas and Emily and Bulgy should of been in his grumpy Season 3 personality and remain in his red livery when he became a vegetable bus.

23 The Grand Opening

Would of worked with Ivo Hugh instead of Skarloey.

24 Henry Spots Trouble

Why do they have to keep trashing Henry and probably would of worked better with Philip.

25 Goodbye Fat Controller

Just a rehash of Trouble in the Shed and Percy's Big Mistake; also very pointless.

26 Thomas the Babysitter

Another pointless Thomas episode.

27 Gordon and Spencer
28 Sodor Surprise Day
29 Henry's Forest
30 Too Hot for Thomas
31 Samson Sent for Scrap
32 Henry and the Wishing Tree
33 Thomas and the Rainbow
34 Percy and the Magic Carpet
35 Keeping Up with James
36 Gordon and the Gremlin

An episode I'm suprised doesn't get much hate. Thomas and Percy act like dumb children (Even more than usual), believing in dumb stuff like Gremlins. The plot says Gordon has bad luck the only bad thing that happens to him is that he screws over someone's ride, but even then it's his fault. The one scene with Thomas and the dog was pointless. Actually, this whole episode was pointless.

37 Whistles And Sneezes
38 Good to Be Gordon
39 The Sad Story of Henry
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