Top 10 Worst Time to Say Yolo


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1 At the Funeral

Already done. YOLO didn't exist at the time though. A nun's funeral, 7/8 years ago, I was "emprisoned" in a chatolic school. There were a few nuns came to me at the verge of tears saying their "sister" had died recently and invited me to the funeral. I said "But's that GREAT news, right?! You must be so happy for her! "

2 During a Car Crash
3 When One of Your Classmate Died in Front of You
4 During WW3

Oh yeah? Would you care to tell us how you had the opportunity or rather WHEN will we have the opportunity to test it?

If not, could you include in the list (2nd place at least if you don't mind) "When your favorite unicorn hacks your boyfriend's/girlfriend's computer and beats you at League of Legends with your partner's account making you die in game 3 times followed then still pretending he was your date uses the mic and a software to reproduce your partner's voice to inform you through the game that you guys are over because he/she doesn't love anymore and was cheating on you with blonde cyborg met on the subway a week ago and you throw yourself out of the window of your room in the 13th floor and die, and that's when your unicorn catches your fall in the street asphalt with a security camera previously planted which he was monitoring for a while in his smartphone while playing and when the blood starts to gush out from your brains and leaving a pool around your head ...more

5 When Your Pet Died
6 During A Plane Crash

It's never offensive because that implies you had to be INSIDE the plane too DURING the plane crash.

It's not offensive until you said YOLO - CerealGuy

7 A Car Blows Up And Killed People

I know this is harsh but it's called joke - CerealGuy

8 During The Fall of Berlin 1945
9 During the Collapse of the USSR

Yolo USSR yolo USSR - CerealGuy

10 During a Bombing

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11 When Your Friend's Goldfish Died
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