Top 10 Worst Times to Be On Your Mobile Device

Has anyone ever told you to get off your iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone? Maybe, it's because they don't want you to be on them at these times. Here are the top ten worst times to be on your mobile device. By the way, I leave you with this. Take a break from your mobile device & go do something else!

The Top Ten

1 At a funeral
2 Eating

What are you doing? Are you taking a picture of your food that you'll be posting on Instagram? Why do some people take pictures of food & post them on Instagram? That's the one reason why I will never join Instagram. Plus, it's a rip-off of Facebook. Get off your mobile device & eat your food!

I always use TTT, even while eating. But I don't post what I ate. That's idiocy.

3 During a test

Have you ever seen people at school on their phones? Well, I'll tell you what's worse than getting caught with a phone at school. Getting caught with a phone during a test.

4 During a conversation

You do know that you can't talk to someone & look at your phone at the same time, right? Why would you need a mobile device in order to talk to someone? Who are you even talking to, your phone?

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am having a conversation with someone and they are on their phone. - Ajkloth

5 Doing chores

I know the answer! Using your mobile device! It's more productive and efficient than doing your chores. Do you think doing chores is more important than studying for a test on your gadget? No. You can do your chores some other time.

Which is more important? Doing your chores, or being on your mobile device? I think I know the answer, do you?

6 While driving a car

People can die from this :(

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7 Being at the park, or the beach

Who needs to bring a mobile device to these places? In fact, who brings their mobile devices to the park? TURN THEM OFF & ENJOY NATURE AROUND YOU AT THE PARK, OR THE BEACH!

8 Walking the street

Do I really need to explain why? I think other people know, too!

9 During a movie V 2 Comments
10 While playing a board game

You're probably saying "Just because I play video games a lot, doesn't mean I don't know what a board game is." I know! Why would someone get their phone out & be on it while their playing Monopoly, Scrabble, or Hungry Hungry Hippos?

The Contenders

11 During sex

Are you uploading a sex video? Please don't. We don't need it.

Oh, yeah, take a snap and Tweet it all you like! - PositronWildhawk

12 In Your Sleep
13 During A Tornado

One moment, your on your phone during a real tornado coming to your area, but you don't give a crud until the tornado hits with loads of debris crashing into your house. Then the next thing you know, BOOM! Your wasted! Or your stuck in the hospital for a long time. And if you got really injured, THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

14 At school

Once your phone is seen or heard, it's confiscated. - Rorywilbren

I use my iPad to visit TTT in school. Thankfully it isn't blocked.

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