Worst Times to Crack a Joke

Again; must be realistic, nothing like "When the corpse is rising from the grave and singing Katy Perry."
The Top Ten
1 At a funeral

Oh I don't know... When Britîsh comedian Lee Evans pops his funny clogs, I think he'd appreciate us having a good laugh at his expense. - Britgirl

2 In a hospital next to a sick patient

I don't think so. Laughter is good for health, so why would there be any problem with me cracking a joke if it can put a smile on a sick patient. - Kiteretsunu

3 While stalking someone
4 When someone is having a mental breakdown
5 While someone is stalking you
6 After witnessing a murder
7 During the President's speech

It depends which president.

8 When everyone is sad

Really now? If anything, cracking a joke should be very important. It'll make everyone else sad, so if anything, it'd be one of the most appropriate times to crack a silly joke to get the depressed crowd laughing.

9 After someone murders your relative/friend/pet
10 When everyone is exhausted

That's when you need a good joke. Just has to be funny.

Chances are they'd just be MORE exhausted. - CatCode

The Contenders
11 In church
12 Next to a lady giving birth
13 In the principal's office

Never done this myself, but I'm sure someone has

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