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1 7:00 AM

this time is horrible as I have to get up for school at this time

Its the time when everybody has to get up to go to work/school. - PotBellyPup

I hate this time of the day -

7:00 am waking up in the morning

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2 6:00 AM

Gotta get up for school.

I have to get up at this time of day for school. - Ihateschool

If you don't get up at this time, go to bed earlier then start playing video games. The earlier the more video games!

I had to wake up for school at this time!

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3 8:00 AM

School starts.

I am start learning this time and it suck because I am still want to sleep and don't understand anything what my teacher say - Thirdwindz

4 9:00 AM

I have Ecology at this time which is an okay subject. My teacher tries to be fun. I'm glad he is putting in the effort to not make it a nightmare. - Ihateschool

This is often the time School starts. - booklover1

The start of school

The time that my school starts. - Minecraftcrazy530

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5 6:40 AM

When I was in high school this time is when my bus would come to pick me up

this is when I get up from school... my dad gets me up so early because he's afraid that I'll be late 4 school LMAO - SmoothCriminal

I have to wake up for school at this time. I also hate 12:00 PM, which is math class, math is my worst subject. :(


6 7:30 AM

My high school's start time is this

7 10:00 AM

Bloody sun is tooo irritating at this time.

8 6:30 AM

This is when I get up and get ready for school.

9 5:00 AM
10 1:00 PM

At this time I have to take my afternoon Medication and go to Judaics class even though I am non religious it is still my favorite subject since me and my classmates can debate and go on our electronics. - Ihateschool

For this time, I am so very tired - 09ShamsulBahriel

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? 3:05 AM

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11 7:45 AM

At this time, school is starting for me - OhioStateBuckeyes

12 9:10 AM
13 12:00 AM

Very scary time of the day/night!

Will you believe its 12 right now? What do you know...12:00 at 12, very funny...*snores* - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Ohh ahh you can't sleep you went to bed at 9, 10 passed and then 11 passed and AAAHH midnight happening then you are crying wishing sleep would come.

14 6:06 AM

The devil's number in minutes

15 8:43 PM

That's when I eat my last slice of pizza.

16 11:00 AM

At this time I have American History which is so boring. - Ihateschool

I have math class now, and I don’t like math

17 2:00 PM

Me: I'm not tired, and why are you yelling at me?
Me: Who cares if I'm yelling? GO TO BED!

18 3:00 AM

It's more worse than 7:00 AM.It's paranormal time.

There is actually a Eminem song called 3am - Eminem50CentFanForLife

Scary time

Are you kidding? That's the best time of day! It's the time I get up to eat a burger! *clock rings* OH BOY 3:00 AM!

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19 3:33 AM

This number is half-good, half-evil.

20 4:00 PM
21 3:00 PM
22 4:00 AM

Bad if you want to sleep but brilliant if you're wide awake and want to wake up your flatmate with a bike horn! - Barry2013

23 5:00 PM
24 2:00 AM

Hey! This is an awesome time! It's dawning, the birds don't squeak, the air is calm, and no frigging sirens. Romantic. Eh. - HezarioSeth

25 1:00 AM
26 12:00 PM

Great time to wake up!

27 1:37 AM

Make that 24 hour format

28 3:15 AM

That time is boring. Nothing is happening at that time

I am leaving school at 3:15, so something is happening.

29 3:30 am

Bad if you want to sleep, awesome if you were waiting to go to Palm Springs and are waking everyone up for the trip.

30 3:40 AM
31 1:13 PM
32 1:40 PM
33 11:00 PM
34 4:20 PM

All people really do at this time of day is smoke weed!

35 6:00 PM
36 7:00 PM
37 8:00 PM
38 10:00 PM
39 11:59 PM
40 12:01 AM

If its New Years Day, and you arrive home, than this would be the worst time for sure

41 1:49 PM
42 4:45 PM
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