10 Worst Times for the Laugh Track to Be Accidentally Played

You're watching an tragic event/sad movie/sad moment in a show then this happens

The Top Ten

1 At a funeral

This comedy sitcom is directed by Death itself. Rest in Ashes Little Timmy, it's just for laugh and giggles bro - RedAce66

2 During an report on someone's death

*La Marseillase plays in the background* Mr.De Gaulle the French leader has been announced dea- *laugh track plays* Since when did we have a laugh track?! - RedAce66

3 On a documentary about animal abuse

We add the laugh track to add this sad documentary a family-friendly feel and pure comedy - RedAce66

4 At the saddest part on a movie/show

Would really kill the sad part - RedAce66

5 When you were declaring your love to someone

It sends the message that your love is pure comedy purpose and nothing else - RedAce66

6 During a speech about the awareness of how laughing can kill you
7 When your favorite comedy actor dies on stage

Oh my god? Our cash cow comedy actor dies?! Just add in the laugh track they might think it's a joke... - RedAce66

8 When you have sex

Who's there?! Are we on a show? Are we being watched?! - RedAce66

9 On the suicide hotline
10 When interviewing a person about tragic moments in life

The Nazis took away my very own gay Adolf Hitler doll and- *Laughtrack plays* - RedAce66

The Contenders

11 When Your Family Member Gets Hurt
12 At a sad music video

For example, Thinking of You by Katy Perry. Thinking of you, What if you were the one spen *laughtrack plays* When did I have a laughtrack in one of my songs? - kontrahinsunu

13 In jail
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