Top Ten Worst Times for the School Bell to Ring

The Top Ten

When you are very far away from your next period

After gym you need to go to a class far far away in a magical land of Mental Abuse To Human(MATH),the bell rang,you're still dragging your sweaty body. - SamuiNeko

When you're still rushing your homework

It applys to most of the people from my school. - SamuiNeko

When the period you're going to is your least favorite class
When the class you're going to has a test/quiz
When you just arrived to school

I made it! (bell rings)NOPE. - SamuiNeko

When you forgot to study for the period's test
When you're still solving the lock's combination
When you can't find your homework
When the the class you're going to has a mean substitute
When you are in the bathroom

Especially when you just grabbed the toilet paper. - SamuiNeko

This happened to me this week! I know how you feel. - Jake09

The Contenders

When you're still sleepy

...tired...(bell rings)HOLY CRAP NO! - SamuiNeko

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