Top Ten Worst Times to Get a Nosebleed


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1 At Church
2 During School

I got a nosebleed during I was in the bus and there was no tissue at all! Now I have a big patch of blood on my shirt and it looks like I was shot with a gun

I feel like I'm not allowed to be sad at the prospect of missing some of class.

What if I don't hear something important? Nonetheless, nosebleeds happen to me a lot, so I've gotten good at hiding it and no one ever really notices. - keycha1n

A girl in my class got a nosebleed during computer practical exam - Ananya

Well, at least you would go to the nurse and miss some of class. - Minecraftcrazy530

3 While Proposing To Your Lover

"Darling, will you be mine forev… oh damn, hang on a sec. Anybody got an ice pack? Ice pack?! ICE PACK!?! As I was saying, my love…" - PetSounds

4 While Performing Live

I'm not prone to nosebleeds, but many, I sure hope I never get one during a piano recital. - PetSounds

Might be caught on camera and shown to the whole world and... **shudders** - keycha1n

5 At A Wedding

On a white dress and everything?! - keycha1n

6 During An Athletic Event
7 While Writing A Will For A Loved One
8 At A Funeral
9 While You're Sleeping

I got a nosebleed while in bed many times when I was younger. Thank goodness that it was only all over my hand and not the bed or pillow.

This just happened to me. Like, there was blood on my bed, on my hands and all over my nose. - AnonymousChick

It's the strangest feeling once you wake up... - keycha1n

10 When You're Talking to A Long Distance Family Member

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11 While diving with sharks
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