Top Ten Worst Times to Get a Nosebleed


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1 During School

I feel like I'm not allowed to be sad at the prospect of missing some of class.

What if I don't hear something important? Nonetheless, nosebleeds happen to me a lot, so I've gotten good at hiding it and no one ever really notices. - keycha1n

A girl in my class got a nosebleed during computer practical exam - Ananya

Well, at least you would go to the nurse and miss some of class. - Minecraftcrazy530

2 While Performing Live

I'm not prone to nosebleeds, but many, I sure hope I never get one during a piano recital. - PetSounds

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3 At Church
4 While Proposing To Your Lover

"Darling, will you be mine forev… oh damn, hang on a sec. Anybody got an ice pack? Ice pack?! ICE PACK!?! As I was saying, my love…" - PetSounds

5 During An Athletic Event
6 While Writing A Will For A Loved One
7 At A Wedding

On a white dress and everything?! - keycha1n

8 At A Funeral
9 When You're Talking to A Long Distance Family Member
10 While You're Sleeping

This just happened to me. Like, there was blood on my bed, on my hands and all over my nose. - AnonymousChick

It's the strangest feeling once you wake up... - keycha1n

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