Top Ten Worst Times to Get Sick

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1 In the Middle of a Birthday Party

I was sick on my 2010 birthday party and I puked on my cake while everyone was singing happy birthday, the cake had to be thrown away

I've been sick a lot of times on my birthday. And it sucks

That happened to me on my 2010 birthday party

I was sick on my 2010 birthday party it sucked

2 During an Exam

That would be the worst to be sick during an exam

It will be doomed ya know...

3 At a Sleep Over
4 In a Plane
5 On your birthday

I was sick on my 2010 birthday I remember I puked lots and I went to school and puked on the floor, I got sent home sick, then I puked on my cake when I thought I was feeling better to have a party, my cake was chocolate cake I was looking forward to eat it had to be thrown out since my puke was on the cake

Today is my birthday and I am sick and puking, I was laying in bed, and I even puked on my birthday cake, I was looking forward to eating, it had to go in the garbage since I puked all over it

That would suck to be sick on your birthday, I would hate if it happened to me

6 In the Middle of a Movie at the Cinema

That would really suck if this happened at the movie theater

7 While Giving Birth
8 During an Audition
9 At a Hockey Game
10 At a Wedding
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11 At a Concert
12 In the Middle of an Olympic Event
13 At Your Graduation

That would really suck, at least it never happened to me on my grad

Nothing is worse than this. I’m not saying this happened to me but this should be #1 or at least in the top 5.

14 When on a Date
15 On Christmas Day

I was sick on Christmas in 2018, it sucked I was puking sick lots and I almost puked on my presents

This happened to both my mom and her boyfriend.

That would really suck to be sick on Christmas

I got sick on Mother’s Day once...

16 At Church While Singing
17 On a fun Field Trip Day

Once I got sick on a field trip I was looking forward for weeks, I remember
in the morning on the way to the field trip, I puked on the bus, the bus was near school, the bus turned around and dropped me off at school, then I got sent home, instead of going on the field trip, I cried because it was an exciting field trip I had to miss.

That happened to me once it sucked

18 While Having Sex

Not really I'd still have sex

19 Before a Concert
20 Before a School Play

It would be a unfortunate. I couldn't imagine it.

21 Before vacation
22 On Halloween

I was sick on halloween in 2019 I remember puking while trick or treating once when I thought I felt better I was sick at school as well but never got sent home

Once I was stick on halloween and puked while trick or treating 3 times that I had to go home early

I was sick on halloween in 2007, I remember puking a few times

23 When a New Marvel Movie Comes Out
24 Over the Weekend
25 On a Roller Coaster
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