Worst Times to Have to Go to the Bathroom

It must be a realistic time; not anything like "When a cat is flying you over mount Everest"

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1 When you are giving a speech in front of tons of people
2 When opening presents on your birthday/Christmas
3 Four seconds after you just went to the bathroom

You must have bladder issues

4 When you just got comfortable

This gets so annoying. - CatCode

5 During the best part of a movie
6 In the car on a six hour drive

Rest stops exist. When my aunt drove us from Vegas to LA we stopped at a gas station about 2-3 hours into the drive so that we could use the bathroom

7 At school

One time I needed to use the bathroom during English class, but my teacher wouldn't let me go. Fortunately, I made it. As soon as class was over, I dashed across the hallway to the bathroom.

The bathrooms at my school are downright DISGUSTING. They are cleaned MAYBE once a year.
Yet the little kids' bathrooms are sparkly and shiny and everything. - CatCode

What the crap they need to clean them way more!

Teacher:Do you really need to go to the bathroom?
Student:YES JUST LET ME GO please!

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8 In a life and death situation
9 On an airplane

I have never been on an airplane (but I want to), but I've seen the insides of them, and it seems to be dangerous and gross to go to the bathroom on them... - CatCode

There's always a big, fat lineup, which is annoying because you've got to pee.

10 While your parents are screaming at you

The Contenders

11 During a funeral
12 In a pool
13 While you're getting mugged
14 While your talking to your friends
15 While on TheTopTens messaging people
16 While the restroom door broke
17 In the bus on a school field trip

I had to do this once... except it was on a charter bus because the drive took a few hours. It was so embarassing. - CatCode

18 When playing video game

This is stupid. You can pause the game.

Gamer:oh come on, I almost killed Big Smoke *Distracted because he peed himself* gamer:no! - Delgia2k

19 While your house is about to get wrecked
20 In Prison

Guard: hold it you baby! Ya warnir Winnie whipping time

21 Private tutoring session at your teacher's place

Happened with me :'( - jimmy12lee

22 While you're sleepy
23 5 seconds after you get off the toilet
24 While on a tour bus

They have bathrooms there but I was told to never use them because it stinks up the whole bus and it's unsanitary

25 In a big city
26 At a party
27 While in line for a ride
28 While on a ride
29 During a fire drill at school
30 During a school lockdown
31 During a test
32 When the bathroom is occupied
33 When you're still asleep
34 In the middle of an appointment
35 When a little kid needs to use the toilet

You have to let the kid go first

36 When the toilet is clogged
37 During surgery
38 When your toilet is clogged
39 At the movie theater
40 When somebody forgets to flush
41 When getting arrested
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1. In a life and death situation
2. While your parents are screaming at you
3. During a funeral
1. When you are giving a speech in front of tons of people
2. When opening presents on your birthday/Christmas
3. Four seconds after you just went to the bathroom


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