Top 10 Worst Times to Have a School Lockdown

The Top Ten

At hometime

This would be the worst then we have to stay after school longer - trains45

Once my school did when a gunman was on campus we had to stay an hour after school it sucked, the buses still come when it was over

Once we did when a guy came in with a gun, he never shot anyone luckily

This would suck then we have to stay after school

At lunch

This would really suck if this happened at lunch time, - trains45

I did today it sucked but we still got to eat after

Once we did, our principal still let us have lunch when it was over

During break time

This would be the worst if this happened during break time when your having free time - trains45

Once in high school we had a real lockdown at break time it was scary

This would suck for sure

During a movie

This would suck if this happened at a really good part in a movie - trains45

This would suck then the movie would have to end

That would be horrible! - DevMeJew

During an assembly

I actually hate the assemblys in my school, so I wouldn't mind too much. - DevMeJew

If it was in the DURING an assembly the gunman could just come in and shoot everyone including you - NapoleonBonaparte

This Would suck where would everyone hide it would be too crowded as well with the whole school hiding somewhere unless they hid in separate rooms near by - trains45

That would be too crowded if we all had to hide in the gym

freaky - sonictiger

When using the bathroom

I always feared of this happening one day in school, lucky it never did - trains45

I afraid of this happening one day

At class change time

This would of been the worst be really scary if I was near a hallway that took awhile to find a class - trains45

That would be not good if you were not near a class

In the morning before school

This would suck if this happened when your not near a class, or had to miss your first class if it was your favorite - trains45

This would kinda suck then I couldn't hang out with friends before class, would also suck to delay or miss a fun class I have in block 1

During recess

Once I did in grade 1 it was a real lockdown, the lockdown lasted for an hour or so, we missed a class I think, when the lockdown was over they let us have recess, I never knew what caused the lockdown that day - trains45

I did once in grade 5 when some crazy lady came in the school with a weapon

When in the computer lab

I did once, 2 kids were misbehaving making me scared, good thing it was only a drill those 2 kids got in trouble for misbehaving

Once I did in grade 12 - trains45

The Contenders

While in foods class

This would suck worst on cooking day when stuff wasn't fully cooked - trains45

Once we had one in foods class when we were cooking we had to turn off the burners then the food wasn't cooked in time for class to be over it sucked

During a fire alarm

One time we had a real lockdown with some man with a gun in our school he pulled the fire alarm during the lockdown to try to get people out of the class everyone had to stay in the class, the fire alarm went off for 10 mins or longer and it got super annoying

This would be kinda scary if the fire alarm went off while in a lockdown, we probably have to stay inside unless there was a fire for real - trains45

That be kinda scary if a real lock down happened during a fire alarm, wonder if we have to ignore the alarm unless it was real fire

While in shop class

In grade 9 we would of had to go upstairs to an uncomfortable hiding spot if we had a lockdown in shop - trains45

wait what's shop class?

When you are having a good day

Teacher: Let's have a party instead of working!
Class: YAYYYY!
Lockdown alarm goes off
Teacher: Sorry, we need to do a lockdown instead.
Class: Awww.

At lesson time
At club time
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