Worst Times to Laugh

Here are a few moments where you really shouldn't laugh. This is for your own good.

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1 During a funeral

* pretend you are at the funeral of your enemy* (mother is reading a script) :S/he was so kind *sob*- You:hehe
Mom: What's so funny
You: "AHHAHAHHA AHAHHA AAHHAHA *Snort* Sorry, I might DIE laughing hehheh

It's like in Grown Ups, the small guy is singing weirdly and everyone laughs but it's in a funeral. - metaldude8

Preist:We will always remember... Man 1: HAHAA Preist: MAYBE YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN HIM HUH SMART GUY - ErichHimmel

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2 During the national anthem

I can't believe this isn't a more popular list! I've laughed (loudly) during God Save The Queen. It's to embarrassing to go into but, yes, it was bad! - Britgirl

3 When someone commits suicide
4 When a senior gets hurt
5 When a sports player gets hurt
6 When you hear an ambulance siren
7 When your love life gets worse
8 At a wedding ceremony

"Do you? " "I do. " "Ha ha ha. " Awkward.

9 When you are taken hostage
10 When a baby dies V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 During a speech
12 At a shooting
13 When you put your pet to sleep

I hate it when you have to do this especially if it is a dog, a cat
Or a horse.

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14 When nobody else is laughing
15 When in the principal's office
16 While watching a chorus concert
17 When in trouble with your parents
18 While saying a prayer

Especially in church. It won't do you good. - PositronWildhawk

19 While being murdered
20 When someone is hurt
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1. During a funeral
2. When you are taken hostage
3. At a wedding ceremony
1. During the national anthem
2. During a funeral
3. When a senior gets hurt



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