Top Ten Worst Times to Loudly Play Fack by Eminem


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1 In Church

Apparently you missed my point bobby. I meant you should never play FACK by Eminem. - WonkeyDude98

Fack is still better than any song by Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rihanna, etc. Don't deny it. You know it's true.

2 During a School Pep Rally

No one should ever play this horrendous garbage. - AlphaQ

3 During Marriage Counseling
4 While Knocking on the Pearly Gates
5 While Doing a Prostitute
6 At a Funeral

"We will always remember [insert name here] and she/he will always be in our hear--"
"Ah, oh God damn oh"
I'm gonna fackin' [bleep] (oh [bleep] oh yeah]
Fack fack fack. Fack I am.
I am, I'm going to [bleep]
I'm [bleep] oh yeah)" I can just imagine, haha. - UnofficialOfficial

7 During Nationally Televised Court Proceedings
8 At the Movie Theater
9 In Front of Every Rock and Metal Fan on the Planet
10 In the Prison Yard

The Contenders

11 At an Eminem Concert

I can imagine how Eminem would react - Hotheart123

12 At a Wedding

Imagine newlyweds dancing to this crap.

13 At a School Dance

I requested this song a few times. I was SO mad when the DJ didn't play it.

14 While Exercising

But it's so motivational 😂

15 While a Woman's Giving Birth

This would be so sad she would be crying you will mess up her giving birth!

16 In Front of Every Eminem Fan on the Planet
17 In Sex Ed

This would be the PERFECT time to put Fack on!

18 While Playing Video Games
19 At a 5 year old's birthday party

The kids would start dancing

20 In Class
21 While Eating
22 During a School Assembly
23 In a Hospital
24 In a Foreign Country
25 In the Car With Your Parents
26 At Military School
27 At Work
28 In Gym
29 At the Airport
30 While on a Date
31 During a Job Interview
32 While on the Bus

Any bus for that matter.

33 While Fishing
34 At Prom
35 At the Library
36 In Public
37 In Court
38 While Camping
39 On a Deserted Island
40 At an Amusement Park
41 In Front of Your Girlfriend
42 At a Retirement Home
43 At a Crime Scene
44 At the Zoo
45 In Prison
46 In Front of the School Principal
47 In Front of a Sick Person
48 On a Food Reality TV Show
49 While Jogging
50 While Playing Sports
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