Top Ten Worst Times to Make a Top Tens List


The Top Ten

1 At a funeral

"He will be sadly missed. And now Britgirl would like to say a few words... Er, Britgirl? " - Britgirl

2 At your wedding

"Sorry, mate what was the question? Do I do what? Can it wait? I'm just finishing this top tens list." - Britgirl

3 During an interview

Manager: "Okay, all I need you to do is... Johnson! Are you taking a selfie?

You: Psshh, no way. I'm making a top tens list, can this wait? - NerdyPweeps

4 Crossing the road

I swear I was viewing my 'reasons why the chicken crossed the road' list while crossing the road. There was a pedestrian bridge though - styLIShT

"Hey, kid, watch out! I want to drive without hitting anyone! Why are you looking at your phone in the middle of the road?! "
"I'm sorry, sir, I'm making a top tens list." - redhawk766

"I wonder why my ribs feel like it's broken" and you go unconscious... (hit by a motorvehicle). - Kiteretsunu

5 At the supermarket checkouts

Cashier: Ok so your total with tax comes to 29:9.. What the heck are you doing?
You: Oh me? Just making a top tens list. - topbesttopworst

6 While driving

If someone had the time and attention to detail but this is not a good idea! - Curti2594

(CRASH! ) Yes! I'm done with this list! - DogsUnleashed

7 While drunk

Actually, I'm sure that a number of lists here were done while drunk. - PositronWildhawk

This list just won't look right. - Britgirl

8 At work

Boss: Ok Albert You Earn A.. Never-mind.
You: I'm Sorry What? - topbesttopworst

9 On public transport

I would do this. Why a bad time? Nice list! - keyson

Unless it's the London Underground - RickyReeves

I've made a list on a road trip before. - Minecraftcrazy530

OK, I confess. I have done this. But nobody knew who I was, and that was fine. - PositronWildhawk

10 During a heart-to-heart

The Contenders

11 On the toilet

I confess that I have done this several times - RickyReeves

I'm on the toilet right now!

12 While playing a sport

Or run for a touchdown, depending on what sport you play. - hobbyadict

Coach: Why didn't take that pass and shoot?
You: I was making a Top Tens list of weird things that a coach could say during a game and I need some material. - hobbyadict

Me: No way, I'm busy making a TopTens list! - RockFashionista

13 Right now

I literally just made one 2 minutes ago! Funny how that works - AbduZine

Haha... I just added something to a list two minutes ago. Haha. - redhawk766

14 While asleep

How does one make a top ten ASLEEP?

"Excuse me, you're asleep. Why are you doing something on your phone? "
"Get away from me, whoever you are who's in my dream. I have to make a top tens list." - redhawk766

15 While you're high on cocaine/on crack

This list would be f@ck@ing messed up.

16 While having sex

"Honey, focus on me instead of the laptop" - RickyReeves

17 Underwater

That's dumb. My computer will die underwater. - redhawk766

18 While going into labor
19 During a war

For soldiers:

General: "To arms!... I said "to arms", not "to phones".
You: "I'm sorry to say this, sir, but the war can wait."
General: "What?! Why?! You want our country to fail?! "
You: "No. There's a top ten list to make."

For civils:

Some stranger from the army: "Out of my way, kid. You'll die."
You: "Seriously? I'll die anyway, if I don't make this top tens list." - redhawk766

20 In somewhere supposedly haunted
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