Top Ten Worst Times and Places to Have a Funeral


The Top Ten

1 In a hospital, while someone is giving labor

You know, honey, that baby is gonna be in a coffin similar to the one Steven's in in about 80 years... give or take. - Turkeyasylum

2 A night club at 10:00 at night

Drunken person: Hey, is that a dead body?
Other drunken person: I'm gonna take a selfie with him!
People attending funeral: Make sure you don't lock yourself in that... (person locks themselves in coffin) coffin. - Turkeyasylum

3 While the funeral home is burning down
4 During an all-out street brawl

Have room for more in that coffin? - Turkeyasylum

5 In a retirement home
6 In a bar, when the biggest football game is on
7 In the middle of a busy street
8 In a warzone, when everyone is in combat

I'm pretty sure you'll need more than one coffin if this is the case - OriginalVisionary

9 During a stranger's wedding

One of the best times of your life, combined with one of the worst. - Turkeyasylum

"Do you, (insert name), take this woman to be your wife 'til death do you part? "
"Excuse me! This man divorced twice in his life, so show some respect! " - PositronWildhawk

10 In a grocery store in China

The Contenders

11 In a toilet at 3 am
12 At a satanic church
13 At a Nicki Minaj concert
14 At your birthday party
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